Cussons Little Star 2022 celebrates Mother’s Journey of Love

Cussons Little Star 2022 celebrates Mother’s Journey of Love – Today, PZ Cussons proudly announces that the 2022 Little Star Cussons (CBK) Launch Ceremony has officially been held. This year, the CBK event is officially held for the eleventh time.

CBK is the biggest activation event for babies and children in Indonesia. In its eleventh year, PZ Cussons has certainly grown and learned a lot about the meaning of existence for parents from parents in Indonesia and also from related communities.

Starting with the Kick-o operation, Cussons Bintang Kecil once again marks a milestone in the history of PZ Cussons as a company that is continuously available to consumers in Indonesia.

Cussons Baby Indonesia Senior Brand Manager Nadiya Sururi stated that Cussons is always committed to being with Indonesian families and constantly accompanying the growth and development process of Indonesian children.

“Cussons truly understands the role and struggle of mothers for the growth and development of their little ones. With the CBK 2022 activity, Cussons wants to appreciate and value the role of Mother for the little child,” she said.

In this 2022 CBK event, PZ Cussons Indonesia again invites parents to use #CeritaCintaBunda to share their love stories with their families and participate in photo contests in various categories.

PZ Cussons would like to celebrate this moment and also encourage Indonesian families to continue to be consistent in educating and caring for their children. It is very important for the mental, social and emotional development of all family members to shape and enhance their creativity.

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According to him, the topic raised this time talks about the importance of supporting mothers so that they can accompany their children at different stages of growth and development. As we know, every mother always wants the best for her family. But as she often travels to do this, Ana also needs the help and support of the people around her. Especially those closest to him.

In response to this phenomenon, in the CBK 2022 series of events, Cussons presents a series of small and large-scale workshops through the Instagram Live platform with relevant topics and collaborates with various experts in the fields of psychology and parenting to better mentor children. more diverse and expected to maximize their growth process.

Saskhya Aulia Prima, M. Psi – Clinical Psychologist & Co-Founder @Tigageneration explained that it’s important to remember that all mothers are at the forefront of childcare. Since pregnancy, the mother always meets her nutritional needs and maintains her fitness for the proper development of the fetus. When your child is born, Mother always provides the best nutrition and stimulates good growth and development. The reason is that there are many changes that you have to go through physically and psychologically after giving birth.

“These changes are often not recognized by those closest to them and instead become a struggle for the Mother herself. It is certainly not easy to do all this. You definitely need a support system. The best support system for a mother can be found through the community and her immediate environment,” she said.

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Meanwhile, Cussons Baby Indonesia Brand Ambassador Zaskia Sungkar shared that she experienced it herself when my happiness affects the child’s growth and development and vice versa. There is an inner connection between me and Ukassya and when she feels happy.

According to him personally, a support system is very necessary. Besides being a mother, I also have other work responsibilities.

“Simple things like buying food, getting a massage, and spending time with myself and friends are enough to give me the energy to focus on my child’s growth and development,” she said.

As a form of gratitude to the mothers of Cussons consumers in Indonesia, CBK created a loyalty program through the Cussons Supermoms Community on 22. The Cussons SuperMoms Community Program is a loyalty program offered as a thank you to Moms who give the best for their little ones with Cussons products.

In addition, as an extension of PZ Cussons’ “Small Step Big Impact” or “Small Steps for a Better Future” sustainability program, it focuses on 3 pillars, namely: education, cleanliness and awareness of public use. Plastic in Indonesia.

Cussons believes that every mother should build big dreams and hopes for her family by taking #SmallSteps for their #FutureGoods or #SmallStepsBigImpact every day for the well-being of herself and her family.

For this, every mother has the right to receive full support from her closest people, as well as from qualified media. We hope that the CBK 2022 series of events will be a useful and fun educational tool for mothers and families in Indonesia. (wol/ari/d1)