Cristiano Ronaldo became a citizen of Muhammadiyah

Cristiano Ronaldo became a citizen of Muhammadiyah

RIYADH, – Cristiano Ronaldo made a big noise with his decision to move to Saudi Arabia and join “Al-Nassr”. The presence of five Ballon d’Or winners automatically aroused the passion for football in the Asian region, especially in Saudi Arabia.

Mohammed Hamka, Chairman of the Special Branch of Muhammadiyah, said that Ronaldo’s arrival is an additional attraction for Umrah tourists to see the Al-Nassr match or buy a jersey for Rudy Garcia’s team.

“Ronaldo has many positive effects, every time Ronaldo plays, the stadiums are full, not only in Saudi Arabia, Umrah citizens from different countries also buy the official jersey of Al-Nasr,” he was quoted as saying by the official website of Muhammadiyah, Thursday (9/3) ).

Hamka also announced that Ronaldo currently lives in an elite area in Saudi Arabia, namely Al-Mohammadiya. At the beginning of his arrival, the captain of the Portuguese national team stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh.

“Al-Mohammadiyah is an elite area, of course there will be many obstacles to enter it, but that does not rule out the possibility of entering it,” he said.

Hamka added that it is also hoped that this area will one day become one of the activities of Saudi Arabia PCIM. “There may be information that Mohammadiyya will enter there later.

As for the Saudi Arabia PCIM itself, according to Hamka, it is located in the city of Medina. Moreover, PCIM has a Da’wah Center in the city of Saudi Arabia where Prophet Muhammad migrated.

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“PCIM’s activities are really concentrated in Madinah because most of its residents are in Madinah. But (PCIM) is also expanding its wings to Riyadh, Jeddah as a major food program in Jeddah and this year in Riyadh,” he said.

“This year there will be Musyjab in Thaif. That’s why we continue to be together with friends from other regions,” he explained.

PCIM Saudi Arabia is also committed to safeguarding the messages delivered by PP Muhammadiyah Chairman Haedar Nashir during his recent visit.

“Especially in Saudi Arabia, because the system is a kingdom, where the earth stops, there the sky stops. This means that PCIM is truly special, it cannot be compared with others. So we have to follow the local rules,” Hamka reiterated.

“For example, you can’t put a logo on the Center or publicly say that Muhammadiyah is here, because any mass organization is prohibited in Saudi Arabia, even though it is under the embassy,” Hamka concluded. (wol/aa/viva/d2)