Cozy tip of the Small Family TV Room

Cozy tip of the Small Family TV Room

Having a house that is not too big, above all, makes us need to throw our brains to design a house design so that every need of room in the house can be fulfilled well.

One of the rooms that is a family gathering place, but is often overlooked is the family TV room. Pins, let’s look at the list of comfortable tv room designs for the family in the review below!

lacrymosemedia – The family TV room is a room that is often a place for families to gather. Not only that, families usually spend time together to watch TV or talk after doing their daily routine.

Unfortunately, most homes with limited space do not make the TV room feel comfortable. But don’t worry Pins! This time, lacrymosemedia will provide inspiration for the design of a small comfortable family TV room. Listen carefully!

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Design of a small living room

Design of a small family TV room

Room TV Letter L

The first family TV room design is the L-shaped TV room design. If Pins has limited space, this design is perfect for Pins! Pins can put the TV in the corner of the room either attached or with the TV table.

So to separate between location TV room with another room, Pins can use a sofa that is shaped by the letter L to make it appear that it is a border between the family TV room and other rooms. The use of this design is quite simple and easy to apply at home without additional costs.

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Drawing Multifunctional TV room for the family


The TV room can be used with many functions, aka multifunctional, you know! Pins can decorate the TV room as possible to have more than one function. For example, Pins could combine a TV room with a reading room.

This small minimalist TV room is perfect for Pins who have limited land but need a lot of space. Therefore, to maximize the function, Pins can make this TV room multifunctional.

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Lesehan TV room


The next TV room design recommendation is the Lesehan TV room. Without using a sofa, the TV room can also be decorated as possible to make it look clean and attractive, you know! Pins could use a rug and some couch cushions that would make the TV room more comfortable.

This minimalist decoration of the TV room does not need a large cost and is very easy to apply at home. So for Pins they have budget limited, this minimalist TV room decor is perfect for Pins!

The TV room extends under the stairs

Design of a small family TV room

For Pins who have a level house with a limited area, this one design can be the choice of Pins to apply to TV money at home. This minimalist TV room can be decorated with a TV that is just under the stairs.

So Pins can use several small sofas or rugs to place in front of the TV so that watching TV with the family is more comfortable and pleasant.

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TV Room Near the Park

Design of a small family TV room


If Pins has a small garden or courtyard, Pins can use the room to the garden or home page as a small minimalist TV room. This small TV room design is perfect for Pins who have a small family and want a comfortable gathering place cool.

Pins can put the TV on a small table or hang it on the wall. In addition, Pins can also add a sofa lesehan or carpet accompanied by sofa cushions to make watching TV with the family more comfortable and enjoyable.

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TV Room Near the Balcony


This TV room near the balcony can be one of the designs of choice for Pins who have a level house with a limited area. The balcony path can be used by Pins as a fun minimalist TV room.

This minimalist TV room decoration will add to the impression cool and natural because it is on the way to the balcony. In addition, the windows or doors that lead to the balcony that can be opened and closed make it easier for sunlight to enter during the day.

Therefore, the TV room receives direct natural light. With this, Pins saves more electricity during the day.

Drawing Mezzanine Family TV Room

Design of a small family TV room

This small family TV room has a modern and minimalist look. Pins can build mezzanine to be used as a TV room to gather with the family.

Using mezzanine, Pins can save space but maximize the function on the existing land. In addition, with mezzaninePins also do not interfere with the function of other rooms.

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Therefore, this minimalist TV room decoration is perfect for Pins who have a house with limited land. Also, using mezzanine The house of Pins looks modern and unique.

Pins can use a ladder made of wood covered with carpet on the steps to make it safer for children. It’s just that the drawback of this TV room is that the cost is not cheap.

In addition, if Pins want to build mezzaninePins must design very carefully so as not to interfere with the function of other rooms.

These are some small minimalist tv room designs that can be the choice of Pins. Hopefully, the small family TV room design review above will help Pins determine the choice of TV room design. It can be useful!

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