Cost effective tips for gardening in Narrow Land

Cost effective tips for gardening in Narrow Land

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Tired of a garden that is less functional and not maintained, a housewife chose to reorganize this area of ​​her house. Check out tips for organizing a garden in a tight area that you can imitate here!

After living in one place for a long time, people often feel bored and want to change their residence to a new one.

This is also felt by Henny Husnaeny, a housewife who wants to rearrange the garden area in the middle of her house.

With a limited budget, Henny was able to change her simple garden to look more modern and colorful.

Find out what advice to organize a garden in a narrow land to the Henny Husnaeny looks like below!

Tips for organizing a garden in a narrow plot with an effective cost

tips for organizing a garden in a narrow green area

source: 99 Indonesia/Shafira

Before renovation, Henny’s garden looked green and full of plants.

In this area there is a natural stone accent wall that makes the room look very natural.

There is also a fish pond that occupies 1/3 of the area of ​​this park.

In the past, the pond was used as a place to keep ornamental fish, but now it is left dry.

“The pool was first done place for koi fish or ornamental fish, but because the depth of the pond is not enough, many fish jump and die,” Henny told Shafira from Indonesia, on Wednesday (12/10/22).

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Not only that, the pool is also difficult to clean and fill with water because there is no faucet or water source in the garden.

As a result, the pool does not function optimally and only takes up space in the garden.

“The pool ga used and it is also difficult to take the water again, in the end it is only used for save it just a clothesline,” Henny added.

Therefore, Henny also chose to organize the garden in this narrow area into a more functional area.

Garden renovation process

the process of rearranging a garden in a narrow area

source: 99 Indonesia/Shafira

Finally, on September 19, 2022, Henny began to reorganize his home garden.

The first thing to do is to clean all the things that are in the garden.

“Ornamental plants, hanging plants, rocks in the pond, and plants moved make it easy change (park),” explained Henny.

After all the items were moved, Henny hired two handymen to renovate this area.

the work of rearranging the garden in a narrow area

source: 99 Indonesia/Shafira

On the first day, the craftsmen managed to destroy the fish pond, and even to level the ground in the garden.

Then, on the second day, the craftsmen laid the floor tiles, removed the floors, and made drains.

Henny chose to use tiles to make an impression vintage to his house.

installation of tiles in the garden of the house

source: 99 Indonesia/Shafira

He bought the floor from Oris Tunggal, a tile factory located in the center of Bandung and said to have been around since the Dutch colonial era.

On the second day, the craftsmen should also paint the stone walls, but the work was delayed because of the rain.

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“It rained on the second day, so the work was a bit late, luckily only the stone veneer and the floor castings were dry,” added Henny.

On the third day, the craftsmen began to make some final touches, namely varnishing the stone walls to make them more shiny and painting the walls.

The craftsmen finished the work on the third day, although some of the garden work was not completely finished.

the end result of a garden in a narrow area

source: 99 Indonesia/Shafira

Henny and her husband chose to store quartz, grow plants, and install their lights.

In the end, the green garden in this narrow area turns into a dry garden that feels spacious and can be used as a place to relax.

Details of Park Renovation Prices and Costs

the night atmosphere of the park in a narrow area

source: 99 Indonesia/Shafira

Although it is very different from its previous appearance, it is that Henny only needs a minimum budget to organize a garden on his narrow land.

This park only costs IDR 3,880,500.

These costs are included with the wages of craftsmen, veneers, etc.

Here is a breakdown of the prices for rearranging Henny’s home garden:

  • Tile floor 200 x 280 cm = IDR 1,740,000 (module IDR 15,000/pc, flat IDR 10,000/pc)
  • 1 bucket of sand and 3 bags of cement = Rp365,000
  • Two crafts for three days = IDR 900,000
  • Wall painting out ofstone varnish, brush = Rp345,500
  • White decorative stone 7 bags of 20 kg = Rp350,000 (Rp50,000/bag)
  • 10 meters of cable and 3 outdoor LED lights = Rp180,000


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