Cookpad Spread the Cooking Spirit from Your Kitchen

Cookpad Spread the Cooking Spirit from Your Kitchen

on time, – After participating in Indonesia for 10 consecutive years to support the daily cooking activities of families in Indonesia, Cookpad is getting closer to Indonesian users.

There are at least 10 million users who use this app to find menu recipes in a month.

Cookpad Indonesia CEO Soegianto said his party welcomes the presence of Cookpad users in North Sumatra. Their presence and creativity give it its color, considering that the cuisine in this province is very unique and its recipes are undoubtedly in high demand by users living in the archipelago.

“As a global app-based company operating in 33 languages ​​in over 70 countries, Cookpad is on a mission to ‘Make Everyday Cooking More Fun’ because Cookpad believes that cooking is the key to a happier and healthier life for people. people, society and planet. Cookpad supports users around the world to help each other by sharing recipes and cooking tips,” he said.

Cookpad is used by home cooks around the world to find inspiration for everyday recipes using ingredients at home, to help solve cooking problems, and to interact with other users about cooking activities.

“Cookpad is used by more than 10 million users every month and collects more than 2.5 million recipes shared by home cooks across Indonesia,” he said.

“All of these recipes are true creations of food prepared by themselves in their own kitchens with all their limitations. For other users with the same cooking challenge, this recipe actually helps them create a new dish that they can add to their cooking experience,” he explained.

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Cookpad Indonesia User Development Manager Aprina Dwi Pancari added that as a recipe app, Cookpad designs products to make everyday cooking procedures more enjoyable. Like a friend, Cookpad is always here to help you solve problems related to kitchen activities.

Various features in Cookpad app, one of them

What’s in your fridge?

Search recipes by ingredient name, so you can easily whip up the ingredients you currently have in your fridge.

What do you want to eat?

Inspiration to cook to match the mood.

The Material You Choose For You

A cooking guide using in-season/market-abundant ingredients, plus ingredient combinations and ideas on how to cook them.

Tested recipes

A selection of failed recipes tested by the Cookpad community.

“When we choose to cook our own meals at home, it’s the same as contributing to turning around the food supply chain. Broadly speaking, we help farmers continue to grow food to meet their daily needs, and the people who process these materials also play a role in sustainably preserving the diversity of food ingredients,” he said. (wol/eko/rls/d1)