Cooking is more fun with 8 cheap 20cm pans – Online alert

Cooking is more fun with 8 cheap 20cm pans – Online alert

KLATEN, A frying pan is one of the modern cooking utensils that is increasingly sought after by many people as it can make cooking healthier. Here are some recommendations on the best grilling products for those in need of quality cookware, let’s take a look!

1. Master Non-Stick Pan

Made by a British brand with quality materials and a non-stick coating, this product is priced between IDR 1.1 million and IDR 1.3 million. With its sleek glossy black finish, this product is not only useful for providing the best performance when in use, but this pan can also add a modern touch to your home.

2. IBILIFusion Non-Stick Pan

This product from IBILIFusion is priced between IDR 720k and IDR 850k. This non-stick pan is made of aluminum, stainless steel and also Xiermei non-stick coating.

With the best materials, the pan heats up faster, the temperature is evenly distributed over the entire frying area and can be used for frying / sauteing. You don’t have to worry about dirty or flaky products because the pan from IBILIFusion is equipped with a non-stick coating and is easy to clean.

3. Perfect Japanese Gold Steel

Priced between IDR 710,000 and IDR 840,000, this fryer is ISO certified. Featuring an ergonomic design with an advanced alloy or bakelite handle, the product is very comfortable to use for any meal.

4. Happy Call IH

It is gray in color with silver tones, the price of this product is between IDR 530 thousand and IDR 590 thousand. The pan from Happycall IH with a diameter of 20 cm can be used for various cooking methods.

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This product is equipped with a premium titanium coating that can make the product more durable. In addition, the presence of 97% aluminum material makes this product non-sticky to use even without oil.

5. Lacor Vite frying pan

Made by a seller from Spain, Lacor Vite frying pan comes with the best materials that are PFOA-free, eco-friendly and non-stick. Made with quality materials, this product is priced between Rs 370,000 and Rs 570,000.

6. Bima Heritage Prolite

Bima Heritance Prolite is sold with a price tag between Rp 200 thousand and Rp 300 thousand. Made of high-quality stainless steel material, this product can be used for various types of cooking, either deep-frying or deep-frying activities such as French fries.

7. Cook Master PF1220 Non Stick

Cook a master PF1220 Non Stick is priced between IDR 120k and IDR 190k. Comes in black on all sides of the ceiling, this product looks attractive when hung in the kitchen.

With the ergonomic handle design, cooking activities will be more enjoyable because you feel comfortable. Made of the best aluminum material, this pan is suitable for cooking for 2-3 people.

8. Chefina Marino FP

Made of non-stick granite material combined with cushion technology, the product has many advantages. This technology can also produce products priced between Rs 140,000 and Rs 160,000.

The presence of three layers of granite material makes this product more resistant to scratches. In addition, this blue sea colored pan has a forged aluminum base, dotted bottom and many other advantages.

Well, that’s it for recommendations for cheap pan products that aren’t cheap quality at all. Out of all the pans above, have you found which product to buy to become a partner in your cooking hobby?

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