Contains Backhousia Plant Extract, Rivya Solution for Facial Skin Problems

Contains Backhousia Plant Extract, Rivya Solution for Facial Skin Problems

on time, – In the beauty sector, Rivya skin care with backhousia plant extract, which caters to lifestyle needs, is the first company to explore the business market in Medan, Indonesia.

By introducing a range of latest products that can provide solutions to facial skin problems.

Alfa Priliana, the founder of Rivya, based on in-vivo studies on facial skin, the main benefit of backhousia citriodora is to balance the sebum content to protect the skin, it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

“There are three Rivya products made from Backhousia citriodora, namely Backhousia Sleep Care Infused Serum, Backhousia Acne Power Serum and Backhousia Facial Wash,” he said during the launch and collection event for North Sumatra – Aceh at JW Marriott Medan, Wednesday (23). . /11).

Last September, Rivya also launched its newest product, Acne Fighter Gel, which contains mango leaf Mangixyl TM, vetiver and 2 other natural active ingredients.

“And it’s suitable for relieving acne inflammation and has been dermatologically tested in Europe with 0 percent irritation results,” she said.

Then, when talking about the birth of this Rivya product, it started with her struggle with sensitive skin issues. And so Rivya was born, skin care with natural, effective and innovative ingredients, but still affordable,” said this white woman.

“Carrying the slogan ‘We bring out the best in you,’ it means that everyone is born with a unique beauty. It will be a pity if this beauty is not illuminated as the best version of ourselves,” he said.

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Alfa added that Medan City became the fifth city after Pekanbaru, Aceh, Padang, Lampung launched Rivya when it was five months old.

“And if we talk about biological issues, Rivya’s four products consist of natural ingredients processed with modern technology from different countries,” he added.

Australia, South Korea, Switzerland, France, Canada, America, Spain, Italy, Burkina Faso, China, India and Indonesia produce the best extracts.

Backhousia Sleep Care Infused Serum has 10 hero ingredients.

“These include citriodora boise, oats, mugwort, allantote and other natural active ingredients that moisturize the skin of the face. Including controlling sebum, restoring the skin barrier and whitening the face with a skin rejuvenating process for 30 days after use,” he explained.

Effectively softens and plumps the facial skin during sleep. Backhousia Acne Power Serum contains award-winning ingredients that can help relieve irritation, balance facial oil production, reduce the appearance of acne and tighten pores for a healthier-looking complexion.

It contains 5 hero ingredients namely backhousia citriodora, allantoin, lemon grass, mango leaf mangixyl TM and maclura eochinchinensis.

Backhousia Face Wash contains 12 hero ingredients such as sapindus mucorossi, toro tree, niacinamide, centella asiatico and other natural active ingredients.

“It is useful for removing impurities from the face and controlling sebum content to create smooth and hydrated skin. It has a pH of 5-5.5 which is good for facial skin,” she said.

“Acne Fighter Gel is formulated with 4 hero ingredients, namely maclura cochinchinensis, mango leaf mangixyl TM, vetiver and allantoin, suitable for treating acne-prone skin among the public,” he said.

Backhousia Sleep Care infused Serum and Backhousia Acne Power Serum in 20ml size are available for IDR 159k, Backhousia Facial Wash 100ml for IDR 99k and 10ml Acne Fighter Gel for IDR 79k.

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“We hope that Rivya can be adopted by the community and provide a solution to skin problems,” he said. (wool/eco/d1)