Choice of 3×3 Bedroom Ceiling Design

Choice of 3×3 Bedroom Ceiling Design

3x3 bedroom ceiling design
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Choice of the design of the ceiling of the room with a size of 3 × 3 meters.

Not all rooms are large. If your house is not too wide, automatically the size of the room will be even narrower.

For example, with a size of 3 × 3 meters. Although it is not too wide, there are still some aspects that you need to pay attention to, for example in the roof. Often also called roof or roof, This part of the house has an important role. In addition to protection from heat and rain, the use of the roof is also for the beauty of the room.

There are many choices of bedroom ceiling designs that you can choose from. From minimalist to luxurious, you can customize your design to match the theme of your home. What roof styles can you use? This is a complete explanation and drawing of a 3 × 3 meter roof deck design.

Wood Accent Ceiling

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Although I am impressed old fashioned, but bedrooms with wood accents are still a favorite theme for many people. They use this theme because the room feels warm and elegant. Yes, one of the supporters of this theme is the ceiling design that also uses wood.

You can shape the roof at will as shown above. Just make a square roof just above the mattress. Decorate with a chandelier in a suitable color. You can also add wooden elements in other places, such as furniture and bedroom walls.

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Wood Accent Ceiling With LED Lights

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Different from before, the wooden accents in this room are equipped with LED lights. The impression of the room will be warmer, especially if it is furnished with various light brown to old furniture. With large windows that receive direct sunlight in the morning, your bedroom will be more comfortable to live in.

Ceiling for a minimalist design room

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The next 3×3 bedroom ceiling design is for those of you who like a minimalist style. Minimalist ceilings are usually done with paint colors that match the walls. The ceiling is maximized with the number and type of lights.

If you like bright rooms, you can install 2 to three lights. But if you like dim rooms, one is enough. The most important thing is the placement of the bulb.

Ceiling for a room of two colors

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Love the style simple? Just use two colors for your room. If the example above is black and white that is color basics and suitable to be applied to all parties.

At the ceiling, because the design is clear, you should give a touch of sculpture on the edges. Also add a classic style chandelier with white/yellow LED color. This way, even if there is a touch of black, your room will always be bright.

Roof design Skylight

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Draft skylight is currently popular in the world of interior design. In short, this concept is a window placed on the ceiling of the room. The goal is so that sunlight can enter directly and warm the body. Many residents apply skylight because in addition to saving energy, residents can also enjoy the beauty of the sky directly from the mattress.

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Ceiling in the form of a hole

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Some people use the camera for work or study. If this is the case, the room should be made with a design that can increase the fire. One of the supporters is a roof in the form of a hole.

Usually, this hole-shaped ceiling will be decorated with LED lights with not too bright colors. In order not to damage the eyes, lighting is added in other places such as the bed.

The calmer and more focused, use muted colors like navy blue (navy) on the walls, mattresses and carpets of the room.

Floating roof for the house rustic

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You have a concept home rustic can apply a floating roof design. This design is not complicated, but it also makes your home unique and attractive.

Floating means dividing the roof into several parts. Then, the pieces are cut so that the roof of your house seems floating. Because it brings the concept rustic, The choice of the color of the ceiling also really determines the value of the uniqueness of the room, yes!

Ceiling with Wallpaper

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The final design of the ceiling of the room of 3 × 3 dimensions is with wallpaper. Different from others, your ceiling will be glued with wallpaper with a design that you like. Use it wallpaper this is very effective for those of you who want to make the room more catches the eye. In this way, you will be more comfortable in the room.

* As a reminder, the images above are not like a room that measures 3 × 3 meters. But even so, you can apply the ceiling design in your favorite room.

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