Chocolate seller turnover on Tokopedia increases by 5 times

Chocolate seller turnover on Tokopedia increases by 5 times

JAKARTA, – Chocolate is one of the most popular products to be used as a gift for your loved ones on Valentine’s Day, which falls on February 14 every year.

This has led to an increase in chocolate transactions in several areas through Tokopedia.

According to Tokopedia’s internal data findings, Valentine 2023 is ahead of Semarang City, Malang City, Makassar City, Denpasar City and Kab, said Tokopedia’s Head of Public Relations (Regional) Juanita Azuz. Badung was noted as the Regency/City with the highest growth in chocolate operations with an average growth of almost 1.5x.

“Ahead of this year’s Valentine’s Day celebration, Tokopedia’s internal data revealed that the farthest chocolate shipment took place from Batam to DKI Jakarta,” he said on Monday (2/13).

Balindo Noor, a chocolate business owner from Sleman Trufflelogy, announced on Valentine’s Day that the sales turnover of his chocolate business, which he established in October 2021, has increased rapidly.

“On Valentine’s Day, our sales turnover can increase up to 5 times compared to normal days. The products that customers like the most are chocolate milk and dark light,” he said.
Due to the high public interest in buying chocolate, Balindo has started to increase its chocolate production on Valentine’s Day.

“Towards Valentine’s Day, sales of our products on Tokopedia can increase up to 5 times,” he said.

According to Balindo, this increase in sales is also inseparable from the use of features and campaigns on Tokopedia.

“I took advantage of several features such as TopAds, Special Releases, Store Vouchers and participated in the Tokopedia Nyam campaign to increase sales as well as expand to different regions in Indonesia,” he said.

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While running his business, Balindo always prioritizes the taste and quality of the chocolate he uses. He also works with one of his farming partners in Bali, Jimmy Cesen, particularly in the Buleleng and Pupuan areas.

“We teach farmers to use cocoa waste as fertilizer so that it is more environmentally friendly.

Balindo also admitted that he helped the farmers in Bali by giving them 500 cocoa beans.

“As a technology company that continues to evolve into a Super Ecosystem, Tokopedia #SelaluAdaSelalu Bisa is helping people meet their diverse needs. Rizky concluded while providing the widest possible stage for MSME activists to gain momentum through various Hyperlocal initiatives, including on Valentine’s Day.(wol/rls/eco/d2)