Check out @enji.monica’s Yellow House Design Inspiration

Check out @enji.monica’s Yellow House Design Inspiration

Yellow House Design Inspiration Ala @enji.monica

Do you want to have a home with bright decorations and wall paint colors? Go ahead, take a look at the following yellow house design inspiration in the style of @enji.monica!

Everyone certainly has a different taste in design and decoration for their dream home.

As it was done by an instagrammer @enji.monica who chose the yellow house concept for his residence.

This concept is certainly very extravagant and different from most houses that we often encounter.

If most people choose the concept of modern minimalist housing, industrial, vintage or natural shades.

Enji and her husband actually add bright colors to every touch of the design and decoration of their home.

However, the residence of the Cianjur couple living in Sukabumi is still aesthetic and pleasing to the eye.

Are you curious about the design and decoration of the eccentric and beautiful yellow house in the style of @enji.monica? Go ahead, check out the following reviews!

Home design then and now

Yellow House Design Inspiration Ala @enji.monica

Source: Instagram/@enji.monica

Before the house looked like it does now, this woman with the full name Enggi Oktaria Monika bought a KPR house with a size of 6 x 6.

The appearance of the house still looks normal with the default brown color from the developer.

At the time, Enji and her husband carried out renovations for six months to achieve the current results.

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Not only changing the colors and decorations, Enji also changed the size of his house to 6 x 8 to have more space.

As a result, his dream yellow house has six rooms consisting of 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen, 1 laundry room and 1 bathroom.

The business of owning a residence is also stated in inspiring story @enji.monica build a dream house with your beloved husband.

The concept of the decoration of the house all yellow Ala Instagrammer @enji.monica

It seems that Enji and her husband did not use the services of an architect at all to decorate this dream house.

They choose to do renovations and decorations directly relying on the Internet.

“Renovation and decoration only with the husband. So I just look on Google or check YouTube,” said Enggi Oktaria Monika to the team.

The idea of ​​this yellow color came from Enji’s desire to create a luxurious residence but different from other houses.

As a result, Enji chose yellow to dominate the decorations in many corners of his house.

To produce an elegant mixture, Enji added gold and white as a neutralizer.

“The reason I used color gold because yellow and gold are the same color, the colors are friendly No too many crashes. I paduino also the same white as the color of the wall paint. Because if everything is yellow, you can imagine so it’s tacky and dark for the room inside,” he explained.

Also, according to Enji, choosing items in yellow is quite difficult and expensive.

Therefore, he also began to work around the use of white items in his home to make it more beautiful.

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“It’s really difficult (choosing the furniture all yellow and gold). Also, yellow is more difficult. That’s why now the kitchen cabinets are whiter,” he explained.

The minimalist living room becomes Enji’s favorite corner

yellow house minimalist aesthetic living room

Source: Instagram/@enji.monica

Enji and the husband have their own favorite corner in their house.

If her husband prefers in the kitchen because it can be multifunctional to store goods.

Enji prefers his minimalist living room which makes him feel more comfortable.

“My favorite is in the living room because it’s the main room and I decorated it from the beginning,” she said.

The living room, for Enji, is the room that most people see when they visit their home.

Therefore, he made a total decoration to have a minimalist and aesthetic look like now.

Room with Panel Wall Beautiful

bedroom wall panels

Source: Instagram/@enji.monica

Interesting decorations are not only in Enji’s living room. The room also looks aesthetically pleasing with yellow tones.

There is an interesting element on the wall of Enji’s attached chamber wall panel big

Apparently there is a reason why Enji chose to install the material.

“The wall panels were installed because we wanted to be different from the other rooms. And it happens that the room is humid, so we cover it with this (wall panel). The lower part is also mixed with GRC,” Enji explained.

The combination of furniture arranged in Enji’s room also looks clean and aesthetically pleasing, from the bed to the dresser and the dressing table.

Room design that prioritizes privacy

yellow house design decoration

Source: Instagram/@enji.monica

Enji’s kitchen and laundry section were quite close, but he divided them into separate rooms.

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This is also in the living room and the kitchen, which use a partition in the form of a door as a separator.

The isolation of the rooms in Enji’s house seems to have been their focus when they carried out renovations.

The goal is that each room in the house of this small family always has its own privacy.

“Because I want to have privacy in every room. Jad doesn’t want to be like an ordinary house without a door from the kitchen to the living room,” added Enji.


It is the inspiration for the design of the yellow house in an extravagant style but Instagrammer @enji.monica aesthetic.

I hope this design inspiration is useful for you, well done!

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