Check out 4 ways to tell genuine and fake oximeters apart

Check out 4 ways to tell genuine and fake oximeters apart

During the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the medical devices that should be readily available in every home is pulse oximeter. Oximeter is an instrument used to measure the saturation of oxygen levels in the blood.

Of course, this tool is really needed by COVID-19 patients, especially for those who are subject to independent isolation at home so that the monitoring of oxygen levels remains accurate.

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However, be careful when buying this medical device because counterfeit goods are beginning to circulate.

How to distinguish genuine and fake oximeters?

Therefore, to know if the oximeter can work properly, then you need to understand the following things.

1. Try it on the finger and the inanimate object


The first technique you can try is to insert your finger and pay attention to the graphic suggestions panel.

If this tool only shows numbers how much oxygen without graphics, there is a high probability that the tool is fake. For more accurate results, you can try to repeat the measurement up to three times.

In addition, you can also verify the authenticity of the tool using an inanimate object, such as a pencil. If the instrument can read the signal, then the instrument is false.

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2. Check the certification of the tool

The next way to know if the oximeter is real or not is to check the certification listed on the tool. Also, if the instrument is priced at a price that is too cheap from the market price.

For the oximeter, the certification you can trust is from RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive 2002/95/EC), FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), and CE (European Conformity).

Also, make sure that the oximeter you choose has obtained a distribution permit from the Ministry of Health.

3. Try putting a thread around your finger

Try tying a piece of string to the base of your index finger rather tightly. Then, measure the level of oxygen with an oximeter. If the measurement results are lower than the previous test results, then the oximeter you have is genuine.

If the results increase or do not change, then the tool is false because it has no sensitivity to pressure differences in slowing down the blood flow.

4. How to differentiate between an oximeter and a road test


The next way is to check the changes in the heart rate when you use an oximeter while walking relaxed and fast. A good, accurate oximeter will show an increasing heart rate.

On the contrary, if it does not show a change in numbers, then you need to be vigilant with the oximeter you have.

So, there are 4 ways to distinguish between genuine and fake oximeters. In the midst of the current pandemic, it is very important to always be aware of the health products we use.

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