Check out 10 Canopy Designs for Open Kitchens here!

Check out 10 Canopy Designs for Open Kitchens here!

Canopy for the open kitchen
Canopy design illustration for an open kitchen (Source: Freepik)

The concept of an open kitchen is currently popular among the public, usually this design is used for homes with a minimalist theme. Canopies are used in open kitchen installations to provide kitchen lighting without the need for additional lights, because open kitchens are energy efficient. Well, for those of you who want to renovate your home, here is a canopy design for an open kitchen that you can imitate.

Canopy design for open kitchen

canopy for the open kitchen


You can use a polycarbonate canopy with a transparent surface to create an open kitchen in your home. This roof has a black iron frame so it is sturdy and not easily damaged. This canopy gives a minimalist and modern for your home.

Wood material

If you want to make an impression vintage but still modern, you can use wood material for your open kitchen. In order not to be monotonous, you can add ingredients stainless steel with a gray color, do not forget to add a hanging lamp to give a warm atmosphere.


Using glass can be an option for you for an open kitchen. In addition to looking minimalistic and luxurious in your kitchen, glass also makes your room look wider and bigger. You can coat the glass with an opaque material to reduce the transparency of the glass.

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canopy for the open kitchen

Light steel

Using a light steel canopy is very suitable for an open kitchen design, because this canopy has a strong, light and anti-rust material. In addition, mild steel is easy to install and shape according to needs at an affordable price.

Transparent spandex

You can use transparent spandex to create an open kitchen in your home, because sunlight can enter the kitchen to illuminate the room, not only that the price of spandex is very affordable with different sizes. If you are interested in using spandex, it is recommended to have a thick spandex to avoid the room feeling hot.

Canopy for the open kitchen


You can use transparent galvalume to design an open kitchen in your home so that light can enter the room. In addition, the galvalume material is robust and thick at a cheap price and galvalume is easy to install according to your needs.

Fiber glass

The next canopy is to use fiberglass for your open kitchen. Because this canopy uses strong and robust materials at an affordable price. Also, it makes your kitchen more beautiful because this canopy is transparent so you can see the sky in your kitchen.


The next canopy is to use a concrete canopy for your open kitchen, concrete is the right choice because concrete is very robust and can reduce the heat in the room. To beautify your kitchen, add a little furniture like a bar table in the middle of the kitchen with a chandelier.

Triangle Roof Pattern

The canopy design for the kitchen that you can use as inspiration is with a triangular roof, because this design gives an old and unique impression. You can use glass as a basic material to have a classic impression, add neutral colors to beautify your open kitchen.

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The minimalist concept becomes tendency current and attached to the design of the open kitchen. The unique thing about this concept is space saving so your kitchen will look more spacious. To outsmart you must use it furniture multifunctional or put kitchen utensils in a cupboard.

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