Causes of slow spin dryers

Causes of slow spin dryers

Sharp washer dryer spins slowly

Find out what causes the washer dryer to spin slowly and how to fix the problem. Go see the reviews.

The choice for washing clothes for today’s urban communities is definitely a washing machine with one hose or two hoses.

This electronic equipment makes it easier for you to complete daily household tasks.

However, routine use or other things will cause damage to a part of the washing machine.

For example, the washing machine does not spin fast or even slowly, so you need to find out the cause of the washing machine spinning slowly.

Not only the washing part, but also the dryer, which is of course very important.

It is not possible, the washer-dryer spins but the water does not come out or the washer-dryer spins but does not dry.

You have to deal with it immediately so that the damage does not interfere with washing clothes every day.

Property site will discuss the causes of damage to home washing equipment. citing from various sources, one of which is

washing machine


Some Causes of Slow Washer Dryers

1. Dynamo is weakened

One of the causes of this part that rotates slowly is because the dynamo has started to weaken or the dynamo coil is burnt.

The reason is that when drying the clothes, the amount is too much.

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The solution is that when drying, you must limit the number of clothes so as not to be overloaded.

2. Broken Capacitor

The next cause is a faulty capacitor.

This section serves to distribute the electric current to the drive motor in the washing machine.

The fix is ​​that you can replace the damaged capacitor with new material.

3. Washer Dryer motor faults

The section or tube of the dryer has a drive motor or dryer motor.

If this part is damaged, of course, you can not use the dryer or it can spin slowly.

The way or solution to overcome this is to replace the motor of the damaged drive with a new part.

The 2 tub washer dryer spins slowly

4. Broken Seal Part

One of the components in a washing machine is seal.

This material has a function to resist the infiltration of water from the bathtub into the section of the washing machine.

If the middle area seal leak, then this makes this part for use.

This causes the washing machine dynamite to spin slowly, after which the washer dryer does not work properly.

The solution is to replace this part with a new one.

5. Washer Dryer Brake Installed too tight

The two-tube washer has a dynamo with a brake to keep it spinning when you open the dryer tube door.

If the brake position is too tight, it can cause the washer dryer to spin slowly.

The solution is that you can fix the position and after the brakes so that the brakes are not too close to the dynamo.

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This is designed so that the spin of the dryer is not slower, but it can spin better.

Well, these are some of the causes of the washer dryer spinning slowly and how to deal with them easily.

I hope it can be a guide for you when you encounter the same problem.


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