Causes of Major AC Pipe Freezes and How to Overcome them. Completed!

Causes of Major AC Pipe Freezes and How to Overcome them. Completed!

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One of the problems that owners often find air conditioner it is the pipe that freezes or snows. When you find this problem, don’t panic and find out why the big AC pipes freeze there!

The easiest thing you can do to deal with frozen pipes immediately is to use an AC service.

However, it is important to know the various causes of frozen AC pipes and ice.

In this way, you can prevent this problem from continuing to appear on your electronic device.

Go ahead, explore the different causes below!

Causes of Large AC Freeze Pipes and Ice Blossoms

1. Improper Pipe Fitting

due to the ac pipe freezing and snow

The number one cause of a major AC pipe freeze is improper plumbing.

When you find frozen pipes, check to see if there are improperly installed pipes in the area.

Then, fix the pipe and make sure that the components are properly assembled.

If you are having trouble when it comes to repairing pipes, all you have to do is call an AC service.

2. There is a Freon Leak

The next cause of the large AC pipe freezing is a leak in the freon messianism

This condition arises because of flaring pipe removed.

Not only that, this problem can also occur due to improper bolt rotation or pipe corrosion.

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To overcome this, you can first check for leaks in the pipe and cool it freon that ends with freon again

If you run away freon is too high, do not use the air conditioner first so that the air in the machine can come out.

Finally, don’t forget to check the engine and do the regular service.

3. Dirty AC System

the reason for the AC pipe freezes

The next thing that can cause the pipes to freeze or snow outside is that the inside of the engine is too dirty.

Check some of your AC components, starting with the compressor, evaporatorpipe, blowerfilters and other engine parts.

Make sure everything is in top condition and looks clean without a lot of dust.

If the AC part is left dirty, it is certain that your AC will be damaged in the near future.

Therefore, to prevent damage to the air conditioner, such as air conditioner leakage or freezing pipes, make sure to always check the components in your machine.

Do not even maintain these components and serve them from time to time.

Thus, the air conditioner can be durable and can be used for a long time.

4. Fans Blower Problematic

The reason why your air conditioner becomes snow later is because of the fan blower which is problematic.

A fan that works perfectly can circulate the air around it evaporator it drains well and prevents the pipe from freezing or leaking ice.

On the other hand, fans blower damaged can cause the pipe to freeze because freon it cannot absorb heat to the maximum.

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So don’t forget to check the fan blower and check whether the machine has a problem or not.

If you have had damage to the fan, you should overcome this by calling an AC service center.

How to fix freezing pipes and snow

causes of frozen AC pipes and how to fix them

If you feel confident to repair the air conditioner yourself, you can follow how to deal with frozen pipes on it.

First, find and confirm the cause of this problem first.

If the problem is due to improper installation of the pipe, then repair the pipe first.

By the time freon be the problem because the pipe freezes, first find out where the leak is freon is to

After the leak is fixed, cool it down freon with the right amount.

Meanwhile, the pipe is frozen because of the fan blower that does not work can be solved by disassembling the fan first.

Then, replace with a new fan so the motor can spin again.

Finally, if the AC is damaged due to a dirty machine, then you can clean your AC first.


I hope the above discussion can be useful for Owners!

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