Causes of LED TVs to change color and how to solve them

Causes of LED TVs to change color and how to solve them

because the LED TV changes color

Go ahead, find out some of the causes of LED TVs changing color and how to fix them. Don’t worry, take a look at the following reviews first.

Usually, electronic devices have problems after being used for a long time or for frequent durations.

Do not be surprised if it happens to the television, air conditioning, microwave, refrigeratoror other appliances in the home.

You may experience television screens experiencing color changes, things that can happen.

The colors on the screen are no longer standard, perhaps blue, green, or red seem dominant.

This is certainly disturbing when you and your family are busy watching your favorite shows on television.

Property site will discuss a number of causes of television screen discoloration. quoting from various sources such as the media online.

repair a broken television screen


Some Causes of LED TVs Changing Color

1. Always Using T Con Module with IC AS15

LED television products are really different, so there are TVs that are released in a certain year or period of time.

The television still uses the T Con module with IC AS15.

Please note that this type of product is OC voltage buffer.

That is, if electrical voltage coming out of IC AS15 does not match what is requested by the LED panel.

Therefore, the display on the LED TV screen looks faded, tends to be white.

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This module is the weakness of the television so that it breaks quickly.

As a result, recently produced televisions no longer or rarely use this type of IC module.

The solution is to replace the IC with the latest IC or do not buy a television product with the AS15 IC.

2. Mainboard problem

Another problem that causes LED TVs to change color is mainboard which has been damaged.

Part mainboard o motherboard is the main board that contains components and controller chip.

For your information, this section is the center for setting up and controlling the work of the components television.

The solution to this problem is to check the LVDS cable from the mainboard o motherboard him control board.

You have to make sure that there are no loose cables.

If there is a loose cable, disconnect it immediately and then install the cable correctly.

The next solution is to check the welding joints on the connector cable him motherboard o mainboard.

Then, reset the FPCB from control board him driver board.

because of the broken television screen

3. Settings Remote control

Another cause of the color change of the LED TV is due to an error in the parameter or putting on remote control.

Perhaps, without realizing that you have pressed the wrong button on the remote control.

As a result, there is a change in the color of the television screen.

The solution to overcome this is very easy, the first step is to press the menu button on the remote control.

Then, choose manual search, using the up and down, right and left arrow keys.

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You can press it come in and select the color system option, the NTSC to PAL system option.

The color of the television screen returns to normal, after which you can press the button come out.

Well, these are some of the causes of the television changing colors on the screen, I hope this review helps.

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