Causes and how to overcome bubble wall paint

Causes and how to overcome bubble wall paint

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Overcoming the appearance of bubbles in the wall area should not be done by chance. In order not to be mistaken, consider the causes and ways to deal with bulging wall paint in this article!

Painting the wall of the house is not only a complement to the interior and exterior.

Using the right wall paint can produce a more comfortable residential environment.

Unfortunately, mistakes often occur during the painting process.

Any of these mistakes can cause the wall paint to bubble.

The presence of a broken part of this wall really makes the appearance of the house unsightly.

To overcome this, there are many ways that can be done.

Launch different sources, take a look at how to deal with the following boiling wall painting, let’s go!

Causes of Bubble Wall Paint

Before you know how to fix it, you must first know what is causing the bubble paint.

The following is an explanation of the causes of bulging wall paint.

1. Dirty wall surface

causes of wall paint to swell

Before the painting process, the wall surface must be cleaned first.

The reason is that there is a lot of dust and dirt that can accumulate after a long time.

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If you do not do this, the new paint may have a difficult time adhering to the surface of the wall because it is covered by dirt.

At some point, this paint will rise and bubbles will form around the soiled areas.

2. Not Using Primer

Another cause of swollen wall paint is not using a primer or wall primer.

Areas of the wall that have not been glued before have a thin layer of binder.

With the condition of the paint that is not attached to the base layer, the result is a bulging finish.

3. Wet wall or surrounding surface

causes bubbles on the wall

Excessive humidity can cause water bubbles in the paint.

In general, this condition is usually found when painting multiple rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens.

4. Wall Surface Overheated

Extreme heat is usually found in rooms that contain heat-generating furniture or that receive direct sunlight.

If left alone, this condition causes the top layer of wall paint to dry unevenly.

In this way, the possibility of bubbles appearing under the surface is even higher.

How to overcome bubble wall painting

There are many ways that can be done to overcome bulging walls at home.

The following is an explanation of how to deal with bubble wall paint.

1. Leave to dry

how to paint the bubbled wall, let it dry

As they said, the cause of the bubbles that appear on the wall area is a wet surface.

The solution that can be done is to let the wall dry completely.

It is hoped that the bubbles that appear will also deflate as the paint layer dries.

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2. Remove Damaged Paint Parts

If the bubbles are still visible, the next solution to this problem is to remove the damaged part of the paint.

Gently scrape off the boiling varnish using a spatula.

Perform the process of scraping the raised area vertically and horizontally so that the results are as desired.

3. First Cleaning and Applying Process

how to treat swollen wall paint with wall plaster


The next way to deal with bubble wall paint is to carry out a cleaning process and apply primer.

The cleaning process can be started by smoothing the patched area with fine sandpaper.

When needed, you can also use it paint thinner for maximum cleaning.

After cleaning, dry the surface.

If it feels really clean, then coat the wall area with primer or plaster.

4. Do Repaint

After the primer coat is completely dry, repaint with a brush or roller correctly.

To prevent bubbles from reappearing, spread the paint gently and apply at medium speed.

For maximum results, use anti-moisture wall paints such as Profan Ultraproof and Ultradry Profan.

It is worth remembering that oil-based paints cannot be used directly on water-based latex paints.


I hope the discussion on how to deal with bulging wall paint above can be helpful for Homeowners!

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