Calculate the price of earth excavation per meter for the Foundation. Easy going!

Calculate the price of earth excavation per meter for the Foundation. Easy going!

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Confused about calculating the budget for a home excavation project? Yuksee the guide to calculate the price of excavated soil per meter for foundations on the following types of land, Property People!

Before entering the account guide, you need to remember that there are two ways to dig the ground.

First manually or relying on human power and second with the help of great tools like excavator.

In this article, we will focus on the cost of digging manually.

For more details, yuk see the guide to calculate the price of soil excavation per meter below!

Analysis of Excavated Land Prices per meter

You know that the procedure for calculating the unit price of land is really an ideal standard.

This is stated in SNI 2835: 2008 and the index will be different depending on the depth of the excavation and the type of soil.

Therefore, you must know in advance the type of soil that is the object of excavation.

1. Common Ground Mine

calculate the cost of landfill services

First, there is an ordinary type of soil that is not hard and not soft in texture.

Excavation work for land like this tends to be easy so the work index is not too high.

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The following details the work index for ordinary soil 1 meter deep:

  • Labor force 0.75 OH
  • Foreman of services 0.025 OH

You need to multiply the labor index above the cost of labor services, the amount of which will be different in each region.

However, usually the minimum wage for excavation workers is Rp. 100,000, while the boss is Rp. 150,000.

This means that for every meter of excavation of 1 meter depth you need to prepare:

  • Labor = 0.75 OH x IDR 100,000 = IDR 75,000
  • Foreman = 0.025 x IDR 150,000 = IDR 3,750
  • The total price of digging 1 meter deep = IDR 78,750/m3

What if the excavation you want is 2 meters deep?

For an excavation 2 meters deep, the work index is:

  • Workforce 0.9 OH
  • Foreman of services 0.045 OH

Assuming that the price of workers’ wages is the same as before, the calculation is:

  • Labor = 0.9 OH x IDR 100,000 = IDR 90,000
  • Foreman = 0.045 x IDR 150,000 = IDR 6,750
  • Total price to dig 2 meters deep = IDR 96,750/m3

The total cost above can be multiplied by the total area of ​​the excavation.

2. Hard ground

Hard soil has stronger properties, so to dig you need more energy.

Therefore, the work index is also different, namely:

  • Workforce 1 OH
  • Foreman of services 0.032 OH

The above coefficients apply to the excavation of hard soil types up to a depth of 1 meter.

While the calculation of the wholesale price of manual digging for this type is:

  • Labor = 1 OH x 100,000 IDR = 100,000 IDR
  • Foreman = 0.032 x IDR 150,000 = IDR 4,800
  • The cost of digging hard soil 1 meter deep = IDR 104,800/m3
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3. Excavation of the Earth Rock

the price of earth excavation services for the foundation

In addition, there is the rocky soil type, which is a solid soil that contains weathered parent rock.

For work on this type of soil, the calculation index of the work in an excavation of 1 meter depth is:

  • Workforce 1.5 OH
  • Foreman services 0.06 OH

While the analysis of labor costs per meter of land, namely:

  • Labor = 1.5 OH x IDR 100,000 = IDR 150,000
  • Foreman = 0.06 x IDR 150,000 = IDR 9,000
  • The cost of digging 1 meter deep = IDR 159 thousand / m3

After having the price per meter, multiply by the total area of ​​the work area.

4. Mud lands

What is it about clay soil that the texture tends to be wet?

Based on SNI standards, the manpower index for a 1 meter deep excavation of mud soil is:

  • Workforce 1.2 OH
  • Foreman of services 0.045 OH

While the excavation work costs per meter are as follows:

  • Labor = 1.2 OH x 100,000 IDR = 120,000 IDR
  • Foreman = 0.045 x IDR 150,000 = IDR 6,750
  • The cost of digging 1 meter deep = IDR 126,750/m3

Let’s just say that the total work area is 50 square meters, then the total cost you need to prepare is about IDR 6.34 million.

How to dig the ground with an excavator?

the price of excavated soil per meter

In contrast to manual excavation, the operation of heavy equipment such as excavators requires high costs.

There are many things that can affect construction costs, namely:

  • fuel,
  • engine oil and transmission lubricant,
  • hydraulic oil,
  • filter,
  • maintenance and upkeep of heavy equipment,
  • mobilization and demobilization,
  • cost of minerals per square meter.
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Well, launched by, the cost of excavation is 100-150 thousand IDR per square meter.

Meanwhile, wages for heavy equipment are in the range of Rp 50,000 per square meter.


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