Beswan Djarum Launches Nation Building Training to Prepare Young Generation to Face the Future – Get Alerted Online

Beswan Djarum Launches Nation Building Training to Prepare Young Generation to Face the Future – Get Alerted Online

JAKARTA, – The Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia is not over yet, and the past two years have taught valuable lessons for society, especially the young generation. Changes in various sectors have happened so drastically and people are required to move fast to adapt, open their minds and respond to the challenges. The phenomenon of the emergence of Covid-19 also teaches life to care for and empathize with each other, as well as bring forth new creative ideas. This is the spirit of Beswan Djarum, who re-introduced the Nation Building training on “Sowing Hope, Creating Hope” where the youth can continue to realize their dreams, hopes and make a positive impact on the environment in the various dynamics of life.

“In life, we are often faced with several choices, including how to respond to certain situations. Whether we want to trap ourselves in difficult situations or get up and do positive things that can have a good effect on ourselves and others, it is a free choice. For this, Djarum Foundation through training soft skillsNation Building wants to invite the people of Indonesia, especially the young generation as the pillars of the country, to respond positively and do something that has a good impact on the people around them,” said Program Manager Abraham Delta Oktaviari for the Bakti Pendidikan Djarum Foundation.

Bakti Pendidikan Djarum Foundation conducts trainings consistently soft skill Nation Building Awarded to strengthen Beswan Djarum’s (recipients of the Djarum Scholarship Plus) national understanding of the meaning and essence of nationhood and nationhood. Through training soft skills In this case, they are expected to be able to learn self-awareness, stimulate concern and curiosity about the environment, and finally encourage Djarum Beswan to recognize the importance of adaptability, think creatively, be innovative and show empathy. others to work together and cooperate to achieve results. this is more optimal.

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Prof. “Since ancient times, the young generation of the archipelago has emerged as a pioneer in the struggle for change and liberation from shackles,” said UI Professor Rhenald Casali, Ph.D., founder of the House of Change, who was also present. Dutch colonialism. Currently, amidst the shackles of the pandemic, the younger generation must always act and have the courage to overcome obstacles and move forward. Don’t just look at the pandemic from an unpleasant side, but also look at it as a situation that creates different creativity to create the pandemic. A training program for this soft skills Like Nation Building, he is very good at supporting and inspiring other young people to realize their hopes and creative ideas.”

This is an inspiring story for young people, as well as Besvan Djarum, who is creating new ideas and making a positive impact on the environment during the pandemic. One of them, Arjuna Marcelino, Beswan Djarum 2021/2022 and founder of said: “The pandemic created boredom for me as a student. To fill my free time, I became a mentor at an educational institution, but because of the pandemic at that time, many students left the tutoring I worked for. After that, I returned home in Medan. There, I met younger siblings who were struggling to learn because face-to-face education had been eliminated or tutoring. online not popular enough. I see the need for a tutoring institute so that younger brothers can get free education. This is the main reason why I decided to create an online learning (e-learning) called, so that younger siblings can learn extra for free by collaborating with their college friends as mentors. Beginning with Biology, Mathematics and other subjects, students can participate every day. The pandemic taught me and my friends at to be useful and do something for others, even though the pandemic closed our activities.

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A similar story was conveyed by Zalfa Attiyah Faradiba, Beswan Djarum 2020/2021 Alumni and co-founder of Jatmiko Indonesia. “Equipped with fairly good English skills, I worked with my sister to create Jatmiko Indonesia, a free English learning class for students in Indonesia. In the beginning, he founded Jatmiko Indonesia because of the stories of some of his friends who were struggling to pass tests or job interviews in English. I see this as a problem that needs to be solved. Maybe their ability to learn English is limited. In my opinion, English is a basic need right now and anyone who wants to learn it should be able to get it for free. The pandemic not only created business opportunities, but also motivated me to do something good for others by sharing knowledge in English classes,” said Zalfa.

Another Beswan Djarum graduate who shared her experiences on the Nation Building talk show was Neysa Valeria, founder of Havilla Gourmet Tea, a local tea company from Indonesia. Starting with his passion for tea since university, Neysa decided to start a business with his friends. “Havilla Gourmet Tea We have an interest in the river and want to develop it. That’s what we did when the pandemic hit business to business (B to B), turn the bow business to consumers (B to C) and online sales. Otherwise we cannot survive. In addition to adapting sales methods, we continue to innovate Havilla Gourmet Tea products. For example, mixing medicinal herbs such as ginger, tamarind and turmeric with tea makes it a health drink that can boost immunity, or tea options made from flowers and more. As we do business, we empower and collaborate with tea farmers in Indonesia, one of which is to train farmers in tea processing so they can get more optimal yields,” said Neysa. (wol/rls/ega/d1)

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