Before the Chinese New Year, These are 5 Traditions that are believed to bring good luck

Before the Chinese New Year, These are 5 Traditions that are believed to bring good luck

Before the Chinese New Year, These are 5 Traditions that are believed to bring good luck

Chinese New Year became one of the major holidays for the Chinese community. In the celebration of the Chinese New Year, each family certainly has its own ways and habits.

However, there are many inherited traditions that are believed to bring good luck and are still performed during Chinese New Year. Some of them put up red decorations and serve Chinese New Year food.

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This time, we will share different traditions that you should do during Chinese New Year to be lucky in the coming year.

What Chinese New Year traditions can bring good luck?

Here are some Chinese New Year traditions that can bring good luck.

1. Chinese New Year tradition of Cleaning the House

In Chinese belief, cleaning the house means removing all the bad things that prevent good luck. Tradition cleaning house this is usually done a day before Chinese New Year.

The reason is, cleaning the house during Chinese New Year means throwing away all the luck in that year.

2. Decorating the House with Shades of Red

Home decoration is also common. Usually, people would repaint the doors and windows, then stick paper with kind words on them.

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Also, many people will put up Chinese New Year decorations in red. This is because the Chinese believe that the color red symbolizes prosperity and good luck.

3. Avoid eating Porridge

Abstinence is served during the Chinese New Year because it is considered a symbol of poverty. Instead, each family serves 12 menus Chinese special dishlike milkfish, Yu Sheng (szones New Year’s special), basket cakes, and oranges.

All these foods symbolize good things that are expected to happen in the coming year. Use these beautiful cutlery to make the food look even tastier.

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4. Chinese New Year Tradition of Buying New Clothes

This tradition is synonymous with the idiom “New Year, New Sheet”. In fact, many people buy new clothes and household furniture in shades of red. Therefore, we also have tips for red home decorations, such as the following.

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5. Chinese New Year tradition of waiting for the rain

Rain in the New Year is considered a symbol of the fall of luck. The stronger the rain, the luckier and more abundant the sustenance will be. That is why the Chinese always welcome the rain in the new year.

Therefore, there are many Chinese New Year traditions that are commonly practiced by many people. So, what tradition do you do the most, here?

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Go ahead, make this celebration a day to reorganize your relationships with those closest to you!