Before deciding on white injections, know the risk ranges

Before deciding on white injections, know the risk ranges – There is a risk of white injection hazards that the public should be aware of. For those who want to have white skin, this information should be considered before doing white injections.

The act of skin whitening with a white needle involves certain chemicals entering the body. Such efforts certainly have side effects that can be very dangerous for some people.

Beauty and Anti-Aging Doctor Dr. Cynthia Jayanto, M. Biomed (AAM) explained that not everyone can and does get a white needle.

Some time ago, Dr. MNC Portal. “Chronic gastritis, GERD, autoimmune patients, people with a history of kidney stone disorders, and diabetics are not recommended to receive white needles,” Cynthia said.

That’s why, Dr. Cynthia continued, it’s important for people who want white needles to get a medical check-up with a doctor. So white injections are not done randomly.

“That’s why we always advise people who want to get white needles to consult a specialist doctor first so that unwanted risks can be minimized.”

According to Dr. Zafar Ahmed, a dermatologist based in Karachi, Pakistan, at least 11 health problems can occur after white needles. Here is the full explanation, quoting from the Oladoc page.

1. Weight gain

About 2 percent of those who injected whites were obese. This happens because the injection fluid affects hormonal balance and fat-sensitive areas.

2. Loss of hair pigmentation

It is normal for it to happen when you get a white needle and your hair turns white too. Unfortunately, in extreme cases, it not only turns the hair white, but also causes hair loss.

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3. Allergic reactions on the skin

Chemicals injected into the skin are more sensitive to microorganisms present on the skin. It throws the internal hormones out of balance, thus causing an allergic reaction in certain cases consisting of redness, scaling or small bumps.

4. Loss of sensitivity

You may feel numbness after the whitening injection. This sensation causes you to not feel touch, pain or cold for a while.

5. Skin peeling

In some cases, the white needles cause the skin to peel, which makes the skin feel more scaly. But this is not a serious situation. (