Beautiful Spacious Living Room House Design. The best inspiration

Beautiful Spacious Living Room House Design. The best inspiration

Spacious living room house design

Have you ever imagined a spacious living room home design? If you don’t have it, you have to look at the residential design strictly in the style of this type of house 36.

Occupancy with a limited area is usually synonymous with a small, minimalist and narrow room.

However, this narrow house dispenses with all these assumptions with a spacious living room house design.

At least, this house has a living room that is said to be quite spacious for a dwelling of limited dimensions.

This house can be said to be a small house, a small house, or maybe a narrow house because of its limited area.

The size is only 7.4 x 2.4 meters, if you imagine that it is even more similar kamar kos instead of home.

Compared to studio apartments that are usually 20 square meters (m2), the size is still lower.

However, the company that designed this small house declared that a house with a spacious living room.

For those of you who want to have a house with a spacious living room, maybe this residential design can be an inspiration.

Spacious Living Room for Small House

Spacious living room house design

Spacious living room house design

In fact, this residence is a small house with the name Buster Tiny House which was introduced in 2018.

Design and lifestyle page Curbed said the New Zealand company, Build Tiny who did it.

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Previously, this company had introduced a small home product called Millennial Tiny House.

Product Millennial Tiny House commercialized in 2017, then developed in Buster Tiny House.

This house has black paint on the outside so that it contrasts with the white interior.

Actually, the living room in this small house is not too wide because the width of the house is only 2.4 meters.

Spacious Living Room with the Right Position of Furniture

Spacious living room house design

This home maker fits a sofa brown, coffee table small in size, and also two small chairs.

To beautify the living room, there are a number of sofa cushions with different cushion patterns.

The living room becomes more spacious because it is close to the wide entrance and also a number of windows.

Because this house is small, there are a number of windows placed in various corners so that the sun can enter.

Drawing Loft to investigate a small house

Spacious living room house design

Spacious living room house design

The size of this house is actually smaller than studio apartment and more like a guest room, but it can also be spacious.

This home maker sits around making designs loft or half floor at the top.

The upper part contains a bedroom with a bed and can be accessed via a small staircase in front of the kitchen.

The size of this room is spacious enough to be occupied by two people at once, even if the occupants cannot stand.

The height of this room is really limited, but it is enough for the residents to sleep comfortably.

This Little House also has a kitchen and a bathroom

Spacious living room house design

Although it is small, this narrow house still has a minimalist kitchen and bathroom.

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Kitchen facing the stairs bedroom and also equipped with a dishwasher.

The kitchen area is quite spacious because it can contain a refrigerator, aka a refrigerator, an oven, and a dishwasher.

While the bathroom is also quite spacious with a toilet, sink and shower for the bathroom.

This home maker also includes a number of storage areas in several places at once.

Ada storage or storage on the stairs, in front of the bed, and even near the kitchen.

Residents can also install it solar panel on top of the house to get electricity.

This small residence does not feel cramped due to the application of light color paint and the installation of large windows in many places.

The producers sell this house with two versions. The first without furniture has a price of USD 38,325 (Rp547 million).

While the full version with all the alias furniture fully furnished price almost double aka USD 70,653 (Rp1 billion)

The price of this small house is expensive for Indonesia, you can also buy a bigger house in the suburbs of Jakarta.

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