Beautiful glamping room design, fit for healing!

Beautiful glamping room design, fit for healing!

©Duwa Studio

When you feel tired from your daily routine, take a break or healing in a nice place can be a solution. One of the activities healing what’s trending these days is staying at a concept inn glamping.

Appointment glamping derived from the word glamorous camping or camping with complete facilities like a five-star hotel. In Indonesia, the concept of accommodation glamping widely available in cool areas with beautiful scenery. This relates to one of the appeals of the concept glamping, namely the possibility to enjoy the view directly from the bed with a warm atmosphere. About design, concept glamping it also comes with various interesting interior themes for you to enjoy.

Here we present some conceptual ideas for room design glamping which can be a plan healing you are next. Draft glamping it can also be used as inspiration for the interior design of your room at home. Come, let’s explore together!

Boho concept

Draft bohemian style or boho is one of the interior concepts that is often applied to the design of inns glamping. Attractive motifs and lace typical of the boho style make the camping area warm.

Still, the inn glamping The boho concept can also be applied to standard concept rooms glamping. This is one of the advantages of the boho concept, which looks magnificent, but still down-to-earth.

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Beautiful glamping room design, fit for healing!


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Back to nature

Stay in a concept inn glamping also suitable for those of you who want to feel the freshness of the outdoors, especially if it is a conceptual inn glamping Designed from natural materials.

A view of the conceptual accommodation glamping it will be more charming with the beauty of bamboo as the main material. With its spacious size, the inn concept glamping It is also suitable for enjoying with friends and family. Just like in a hotel, room type suite Draft glamping it has complete facilities such as luxurious bathrooms, free relaxation areas and even a spa for guests.

Beautiful glamping room design, fit for healing!

© Studio WNA

Room type suite mosquito net concept glamping

To shape glamping the next interesting thing is the room type suite with a mosquito net. With a mosquito net, you don’t have to worry about experience glamping Mosquitoes are bothering you. Mosquito nets will complement doors and windows in type rooms suite Draft glamping so that mosquitoes will not enter the room and disturb the rest time.

The presence of mosquito nets on the concept glamping it can also be a decorative element that creates a romantic atmosphere. Plus wooden elements that dominate the room, designer atmosphere glamping getting hotter. Draft glamping This is definitely suitable for you who are planning healing or honey moon with your beloved partner.

Beautiful glamping room design, fit for healing!

© Studio Jencquel

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Beautiful ethnic concept

Multiple accommodation concept glamping also offers rooms with ethnic or traditional themes. The combination of the ethnic look on the roof and modern themes in the arrangement of the beds will provide comfort to the housemates. This combination of themes is also very interesting to apply in presenting a mix of traditional and modern concepts for the master bedroom at home.

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Beautiful glamping room design, suitable for treatment!


Hence the discussion and inspiration for the design of the room glamping interesting for your next vacation plan. It can be useful! Find articles until today on home design tips and inspiration only on lacrymosemedia!