Beautiful and Eye-Catching Small Kitchen Designs

Beautiful and Eye-Catching Small Kitchen Designs – This small kitchen design allows you to have a mini kitchen designed in a minimalist style so that it looks beautiful and comfortable.

Although the size of a small kitchen is not an obstacle to be enthusiastic about activities in the kitchen. Because, from this kitchen, we can prepare dishes that can enchant all the residents of the house.

Since the function of the kitchen is quite important, I think we should pay attention to the special design for this space so that the arrangement is maximized. After all, small kitchen designs are also easier to manage and clean.

For those who want to redesign the kitchen, here are some references to small kitchen design ideas that you can imitate and are suitable for minimalist homes or not too big homes.

Square Shaped Kitchen Design

Beautiful and Eye-Catching Small Kitchen DesignsThis kitchen has a closed square-shaped kitchen concept surrounded by cabinets, so you can store a lot of furniture and make the kitchen look more neat and clean, so you can cook comfortably.

You can give bright colors to cabinets, cupboards and walls to create a spacious impression in your small kitchen.

Small Kitchen Design With Bar Style Table

Beautiful and Eye-Catching Small Kitchen Designs

If you like a bar concept kitchen, the image above can be used as inspiration for your small kitchen.

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Due to the small size of the kitchen, you can combine the kitchen and the dining room.

With a minimalist kitchen set with under-sink storage, you can store dishes so that the kitchen still looks neat and clean.

You can even make a special shelf to put the knife on the dining table so that it is easy to take it away.

Kitchen Design with Concept Open field

Beautiful and Eye-Catching Small Kitchen Designs

This small kitchen design carries a concept open field connecting the kitchen with the dining room.

With completely monochrome colors, this kitchen looks very airy and clean.

Use a fur rug as a dining chair set color splash half in the kitchen out This.

Kitchen Design with Front Concept

Beautiful and Eye-Catching Small Kitchen DesignsIf you are going to a hotel or other place with a front area, you need to know what it looks like.

This front concept kitchen shows an enclosed kitchen with the addition of a small wall like the one in the front.

Cooking in this kitchen feels very warm with a different experience because it is enclosed, but because the parapet is not too high, you still get the outside view.

All White Modern Small Kitchen Design

Beautiful and Eye-Catching Small Kitchen Designs

Using white color with a fairly large window opening in the kitchen area can make a small kitchen more spacious and bright.

You can combine white with black or gray in this room so that it doesn’t look monotonous.

Do not forget to add green plants in the corner of the kitchen to make the air inside even better.

Small Rustic Kitchen Design

Beautiful and Eye-Catching Small Kitchen Designs
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A combination of wooden cabinets, hanging shelves and decorative plants can give your small kitchen a rustic feel.

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Such a kitchen model will provide a warm and attractive atmosphere like home when in motion.

Don’t forget to add a hanging decorative lamp above it to provide exclusive lighting for the area.

Feminine Small Kitchen Design

Beautiful and Eye-Catching Small Kitchen Designs

Who doesn’t like it and doesn’t stay comfortable in this kitchen because it looks too much sweet.

With feminine patterns such as curtains, kitchen equipment and backsplash motifs color splashit makes the area look bigger attractive.

You can also introduce a cabinet with white walls to neutralize the atmosphere while making the kitchen look more spacious. (multiple sources/d1)