Basement decorating tips and design inspiration!

Basement decorating tips and design inspiration!


Do you want to make a basement at home? Go ahead, check out the design inspiration tips in the following review!

Some of you may also think that dungeons or canteen it is a dark, gloomy and hidden place.

In fact, in this day and age you can conjure up this room to be a place to relax with your family, here we go.

In fact, you can make this room a mini cinema, family room, and a comfortable room.

Curious about how to make the room under your house more useful and aesthetic?

Go ahead, see basement building tips and design inspiration below.

Tips for making a basement at home

tips for making dungeons easily


Making a basement at home is not an easy thing.

Because, you need a long enough process.

In addition to this, you have to make correct and structural calculations so that the building can remain stable.

However, if you are interested in building this room at home, consider the following tips:

1. Create Mappings First

Before doing the construction of this room, you must map the house first.

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This is to minimize any unexpected potential under the house, such as a well, gas pipe or electricity.

2. Permission to use Heavy Equipment

If you build this room completely from scratch, it will take time to dig.

This excavation usually uses heavy equipment so that it can be completed more quickly.

Therefore, you must obtain permission from local residents to use heavy equipment.

3. Height limit Parallel to the Road of the Earth

Then determine the limit of the height of the basement in the house.

Make sure that the height of the room is parallel to the road so that the foundation is stronger.

However, if you want to increase the height, you must scoop the soil deeper.

4. The material should be more robust

The selection of building materials is the most important point to make this room.

You should choose a material that is more robust than the building material of the floor above.

3. Ensure Good Air Circulation

Even if it is underground, you still have to ensure that there is good air circulation, for example using a window.

If there is no space to make a window, think of other ways to maintain the level of oxygen in the room enough.

4. Use Water-Repellent Paint

This basement tends to have a more humid temperature compared to other rooms.

Therefore, make sure to choose the right wall paint so that the walls are not easily moldy or damaged.

You can use a waterproof wall paint brand that is more durable and long-lasting in a humid room.

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5. Ensure Perfect Description

Being underground makes the room feel darker because no sunlight enters.

Therefore, make sure to make the electricity and lighting perfect.

Basement design inspiration

1. Mini Underground Cinema

cinema in the basement


Creating a private underground cinema can be fun.

Interestingly, this underground room has the ability to muffle the sound so that it is even more suitable to make a cinema.

2. Music studios

create an underground music studio


With a good sound insulation capacity, you can also use this room as a music studio.

Become more free to express yourself and sing without fear that the whole house will feel noisy.

3. Family room

family room in the basement

Source: HGTV

Apart from being a music and cinema studio, you can also use this room as a family meeting place.

Place couches and tables as you would a living room or family room on the building above.


Here is the inspiration for the design of the basement and the tips to do it that you need to know.

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