Bank Medana is Big on Educating the Millennial Generation on Financial Issues

Bank Medana is Big on Educating the Millennial Generation on Financial Issues

on time, – The young generation with a dynamic lifestyle often faces difficulties in managing their finances. Some of the challenges faced include balancing needs and wants, having financial security, and creating habits to maintain financial stability.

With life-focused digital financial solutions (life-based financial solutions) and aspirations to increase growth opportunities for millions of people embedded in the digital ecosystem, PT Bank Jago Tbk is committed to helping Indonesians get one step closer to achieving their goals. dreams.

For this reason, Bank Jago held a Gathering of Heroes in Medan on the theme “Good at implementing financial decisions”. Yago, Head of Treasury and Financial Institutions Bank, Yoyo Cahyadi, as well as financial planner and founder of Finante Rista Zwestika were presented at this event. Attended by participants from the millennial community, the event aims to educate about practical ways to manage finances, as well as launch the Jago App.

Approaching the turn of the year, Rista Zwestika notes that one of the most common financial problems is planning and implementing financial decisions.

“Millennials are vulnerable to financial problems due to their dynamic lifestyles. Some of them find it difficult to control themselves, so they often go into debt or make the wrong investment,” Medan said on Sunday (11/20).

Millennials, on the other hand, don’t worry about managing their finances by taking the first steps and don’t need to wait for better financial conditions, such as budgeting and allocating funds according to their individual needs.

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One practical way is to use the Bag feature in the Jago App. As a technology-driven bank, Bank Jago has developed the Jago App, designed to be tailored and personalized to each customer’s needs. With a life-based principle, Bank Jago designs the features of the Jago App by placing life as the top priority and finance as the next priority.

“Jago uses cutting-edge technology that we built independently from the ground up to deliver faster, more efficient app access, customization to needs, and prioritizing customer security,” said Yoyo Cahyadi.

Customers can use the Pockets feature to manage their financial needs. Customers can allocate money to different accounts according to their needs and desires. Customers can create up to 40 pockets with different account numbers for each bag.

This makes it easy for users to manage incoming and outgoing funds directly from their desired pocket. Focusing on making life easier for customers, Jago App is embedded in the digital ecosystem in Indonesia.

One of them is the GoTo ecosystem, which has applications close to everyday life such as Gojek, GoPay and GoBiz. Not only that, the Jago app connects to digital investment apps like Seeds and Stockbit.

“Integration in this ecosystem facilitates access to digital services, thus providing users with the convenience to conduct financial transactions on various digital platforms in Indonesia,” added Yoyo.

Kumpul Jagoan is a discussion forum created by Bank Jago for financial management education in cooperation with various communities in Indonesia. This activity aims to listen to their interests and challenges in managing finances.

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This activity is not only designed to help people learn how to improve their financial health, but also provides opportunities for participants to collaborate together to develop themselves so that together they can better manage their finances.

“We see that Medan and its surroundings have a high digital penetration. So we’re here to promote Jago and help millions of people out there get one step closer to achieving their dreams,” said Yoyo.(wol/eco/rls/d2)