Bank Foreclosed Home Auction – Info and Ways

Bank Foreclosed Home Auction – Info and Ways

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Is it safe to buy an auction house?

Maybe you know that many banks do house auctions and you are interested in buying one of them, but you are not sure if the house for sale is legal or if owning the house for sale is safe? Indeed, buying a bank foreclosed auction house can be said to be safe. Because the house documents like IMB, certificates, PBB are all clear and complete provided by the bank. Therefore, as a potential buyer, you no longer have to worry about care. In fact, to buy a house at auction, there is another advantage that can be obtained, namely the price is much cheaper than the market price of a house in general because the bank only wants the residence to process liquidity quickly.

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List of Bank Foreclosed Home Auction Information

If you are determined to buy a bank auction house, you can look for a bank auction house that fits the criteria on the website of each provider bank. In Indonesia, several banks that provide home auctions are:

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BRI Bank House (Bank Rakyat Indonesia) auction info

This state bank also provides its own page for the auction information provided, namely at here you can search for auction housing in different provinces in Indonesia that match the criteria.

Bank Mandiri Bank House Auction Info

Not much different from Bank BRI, Bank Mandiri also provides a special page for its auction information There is also a list of bank home auctions and this certainly makes it easier for you as a potential buyer.

Bank BTN House Auction Info is a page that provides information about home sales services from Bank BTN for potential buyers.

BCA Bank House Auction Info

For those who want to participate in the Bank BCA home auction, you can call the Halo BCA Consumer Credit Service number at 1500-888, press 1 then 3.

Cimb Niaga Bank House auction info

CIMB Niaga also provides home selling services like the other banks mentioned above. To get more complete information about the auction, you can come and ask at a branch of CIMB Niaga Bank.

Bank Mega House Auction Info

Future buyers who are interested in participating in the home auction from Bank Mega are expected to contact Mega Call directly at 60010 (from a mobile phone) and 15000-10 (from a normal phone).

DKI Bank House Auction

To get information about Bank DKI’s home auction, you can visit the following page: agunan-bank-dki

Internship / How to buy a bank auction house

Buying a bank auction house is not as difficult as you might think, the process is quick and easy.

  1. The Bank will publish the auction house through information on the website, mass media or information in the branch.
  2. It should be remembered that potential buyers cannot make an auction directly with the party whose house has been confiscated, so they must visit and register at a government or private sales center designated by the KPKNL (Office of the Office of State Asset Services and Auctions). However, potential buyers can still do a survey of the auction house and check the quality of the house.
  3. Pay a guarantee of 20-50% of the auction price. If you do not win the auction, the security deposit will be refunded.
  4. However, if you win, the remaining fees must be paid in less than 5 working days.
  5. After this, the KPKNL will provide the minutes of the auction which should be taken to the bank.
  6. The bank will then exchange the flyer with the auction house document.
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How to avoid bad credit

In order not to become one of the victims of a house foreclosure by the bank, it is always a good idea to pay attention to your ability to avoid causing bad credit. Different ways to avoid bad credit, i.e. borrow according to capacity, always avoid consumption activities, do not avoid repaying the obligations either.

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Advantages of buying a Foreclosed Bank Auction House

Here are some of the advantages of buying a bank foreclosed auction house that you need to know:

  • The prices are much cheaper
  • Located in a development area
  • Get tax breaks
  • Very many options