Avoid these 10 mistakes when renting a car to avoid loss – Online Alert

Avoid these 10 mistakes when renting a car to avoid loss – Online Alert

lacrymosemedia.com – Car rental is one of the best solutions for various needs, especially when you need a vehicle outside of your home. Due to the growing demand for cars, vehicle rental services are also increasing. Unfortunately, not all service providers are trusted and do not end well.

Rarely do consumers actually lose money because they suddenly incur unaccounted-for expenses, and this can also be because it turns out to be the service provider. cheater.

Before using the car rental service, you should be vigilant by paying attention to the following things.

Car Rental Mistakes to Avoid

Renting a vehicle, for example, for a vacation together, a business trip, visiting people or other purposes, of course, comes from necessity. No doubt you already need funds for basic purposes and money for rent. So, I want to rent as efficiently as possible.

For this, pay attention to the following points so that you do not lose money when renting a vehicle, how to do it?

1. Being deceived by very cheap prices
Car rental in Jakarta or any city you are in, of course you want the cheapest one, right? But sometimes it can be boomerang because nobody really wants to lose their business.

So, if there are services that offer very cheap, you should be suspicious. The fleet may not be in good shape or will be later the right other extras like insurance.

2. Order Directly Without Comparing Prices
Car rentals are calculated by the hour instead of far or near, so it’s easy for you to compare. Apply for several valid rentals through the app or website. Then look at the prices of the proposed rental schemes.

Choose one that provides a cheap total rental price with full amenities incl driver and insurance.

3. Sudden Booking and getting closer to H Day
A sudden fleet order, not really recommendation. At such times, the rental price is usually higher and the choice of vehicles is limited. Especially for vacation needs like tourist bus rentals.

You’ll have to make do with the rest of the fleet and standard pricing. In fact, if you book in advance, there are more car options and may qualify for the plus criteria for the same price.

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4. As long as you believe in the lease
Understand that not everyone understands about the car, but at least check the exterior. Don’t believe it right away, because who knows, the car you are renting is not the main one.

Do not hesitate to check the condition of the car. There’s no need to be shy about taking a picture of the car’s condition beforehand and asking about the car’s details on the spot.

5. Complex Requirements
Of course, renting a fleet wants to be easier and more practical, right? However, if leasing actually complicates the terms of the loan?

Be sure to review the requirements thoroughly first. Confirm if necessary customer service whether or not their page is everything. So when you arrive or pick up, you just have to leave.

6. Avoid refueling Full in the beginning
Different cars, different fuel consumption. Some are more economical or quite wasteful. Avoid filling up at the start so you don’t waste the remaining fuel at the end. Just enough to get back to the pick up point before there’s too much left.

There is no problem in offering the driver to refuel. After all, refueling is really the paying tenant, and it’s your right.

7. Taking less time into account
Excess or late return of the fleet may be subject to fines. Each service has its own rules for calculating the rental time and calculating the penalty. Confirm this issue clearly customer service.

Its function is to tell you the duration of the tolerable delay and the penalty mechanism. You can also calculate the lease term so you don’t need to extend the term.

8. Disregarding the Lease Agreement
It is very important to pay attention to the lease agreement before you move. It could be, I ordered it later and it happenedreschedule. Some leases allow this, while others have a maximum limit reschedule and some are extra chargeable.

Choose the one that fits your criteria. If the table is still not 100% sure, choose a flexible one.

9. Pay attention to the mechanism Refund and Cancellation
Everyone would like the event to go smoothly and according to plan. However, obstacles can come at any time and if you have ordered a car, you have to like it or not cancel it.

Each service provider has a different policy, some refund it full, there are 70%, 50% and even 0%. Less nominal income and tenure return certainly harmful.

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Pay attention to the mechanism return and returns. Make sure you choose a service provider that offers options return See maximum cancellation period for 100% and full refund.

10. Choosing Reliable Leasing Services Carefully
Choosing a reliable rental service is an important key to not losing money. Select the available one track record well, overview positive and open about terms, conditions and financing.

If the service works with big names, it is better and guarantees security. For example, PT Serasi Autoraya, like TRAC, which is part of the Astra family. Everyone knows Astra and there is no need to doubt its professionalism.

Check out TRAC Car Rental Services

Photo by TRAC

TRAC is an experienced car rental service since 1986, located in various major cities in Indonesia. The car rental system now uses the latest and most practical technology through websites and apps.

The fleet rental services available are diverse with many car options, all of which are excellent.

TRAC Car Rental Service

1. Daily Car Rental
You can book this service at any time through the website and application, with a maximum order limit of 12 hours in advance. You can choose 4 or 12 hours of use and you can choose how many days. Whether you rent a car in Jakarta or in another city, the standards are the same, for the price, facilities, insurance and driver.

A daily rental service is also available to meet you at the airport or at the airport. All expenses already full including tolls, parking, insurance, gasoline and driverso you just sit sweet.

2. Corporate Car Rental
A fleet lease for a corporate level is different from an individual because the car is regulated. The conditions and facilities of the vehicle will be provided specifically for what you need for business purposes. The rental system is also not only daily, TRAC provides a rental scheme for 1 year.

There are 3 fleet rental services available at company level, namely Operating Rental, Daily and Driver.

  • Operating Lease: Scheme for 1 year rental of various fleets from motorcycles to heavy vehicles
  • Daily: Rent a car that can only be for 1 day
  • Driver service: Full car rental service with a professional driver
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All types of rentals meet the standards for corporate car rental levels.

3. Bus for rent
Loans for large vehicles such as buses provided by TRAC meet all safety standards. The condition of the park is clearly excellent, with drivers who are experienced, experienced and knowledgable about the area. Bus rental availability also ranges from 11 to 59 seats, standard class. luxurious.

You can access and order all TRAC services through www.TRAC.astra.co.id. Orders can also be placed through the TRACtoGo app, which you can download to your iOS or Android device.

TRAC Facilities and Benefits

TRAC offers a variety of features and benefits that will delight you. What are the various facilities and benefits that TRAC offers to all its customers?

  • Excellent cars and always through periodic thorough inspections by professional staff
  • Service customer service 24 hours a day 1500 009 or Whatsapp 085876235766
  • Wide fleet selection
  • Many different types of services
  • Available in various major cities in Indonesia
  • Entertainment such as audio, WiFi, TV are available for the buses going to the aircon
  • Friendly, well-trained, experienced and professional staff
  • There is a safety guarantee in the form of insurance
  • Easy ordering
  • Interesting promotion

Promo from TRAC 2022

1. Up to 30% Discounts on Car Rental
By renting through TRACtoGo, you can get special car rental promotions with discounts of up to 30%. You can download the app on your smartphone for iOS or Android. The mechanism and conditions are very easy, everything is listed on the TRACtoGo order page.

2. Bus Rental Discounts up to 17%
TRAC also offers special promotions with discounts of up to 17% on bus rentals. The campaign is valid for renting small, medium and large buses on easy and simple terms. All order details are listed in the TRACtogo app.

Please check the exciting August promotion directly on TRACtoGo app and get special discount from TRAC. There are many other interesting promotions in the application, which are no less great.

So for those who want to rent a car with no loss and accept that it’s over and have full facilities, yes at TRAC. From attractive discounts, best facilities, 24-hour customer service to various fleet options. Fleet rentals at TRAC just sit back and enjoy the ride, that’s all.