APHT: Definition, Terms and Costs You Need to Know

APHT: Definition, Terms and Costs You Need to Know

One of the important documents for those of you who are thinking of making mortgage payments (KPR) is the APHT. This process is carried out when the mortgage you have submitted has been approved by the Bank.

This document can be said to be a guarantee of the credit facility that you are applying for. Therefore, it is important for you to understand what APHT is and how it differs from SKMHT. Check out the following article reviews.

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What is APHT?

Illustration APTH
Illustration APTH

APHT stands for Administration of Land Rights Renewal, which is the administrative process for changing information in land title certificates. This is usually done when there is a change in ownership or use of the property, such as a purchase, sale, grant of rights of use, or a change in the status of the land. APHT aims to update the latest information in the land title certificate so that it reflects the current situation of the land.

In the APHT process, landowners or interested parties must submit an application to the local National Land Agency (BPN). The application must contain complete information regarding the changes that have occurred to the property, such as the name of the new owner, the new certificate number, the area of ​​land that has been changed, etc. After this, BPN will verify and validate the information submitted in the application, and if all the information is correct and in accordance with the regulations, the land title certificate will be renewed.

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The importance of the APHT is mainly related to legal certainty and property ownership rights. By doing the process, the land owner can ensure that the information printed on the land title certificate is updated and in accordance with the current state of the land. This will help prevent disputes or disputes regarding the ownership of the land in the future.

The difference between APHT and SKMHT

The following are the differences between APHT (Land Rights Renewal Administration) and SKMHT (Power of Attorney to Charge Mortgage Rights), including:

Difference APHT SKMHT
Arts Administrative procedures for changing information in land title certificates An agreement between the creditor and the debtor to provide a guarantee in the form of a mortgage on the property
Focus Change the information in the land title certificate Establishes mortgage rights on the property
object Land title certificate Property (land and/or building)
Objective Reflect the change in the status of the land and update the information on the land title certificate Provide guarantees to obtain credit from banks or financial institutions
Done by Owners or interested parties Debtors and creditors
Sent to The local National Land Agency (BPN). Notary
Administrative process Verification and validation of information, after renewal of the land title certificate Preparation of letters of agreement, registration of mortgage rights at BPN, binding guarantees, and imposition of mortgage rights
Relationship with credit Not directly related It is directly related because SKMHT is used as collateral to obtain credit
Cost There is an administration fee for submitting an application and making updates There is a fee for making an agreement, registering mortgage rights with the BPN, and binding guarantees

Here are some of the differences between APHT and SKMHT that can be described in tabular form. Although both are related to property ownership, the focus and objectives of the two procedures are different.

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APHT terms

The following are the terms of the APHT (Land Rights Renewal Administration) that must be met in accordance with the law:

  1. Have a land title certificate whose information you want to update.
  2. Have proof of payment of the latest Land and Building Taxes (PBB) or non-PBB evidence stipulated by the government.
  3. Attach the documents that support the change in the status of the land or change in the use of the land, such as the deed of sale and purchase, letter of agreement or letter of permission.
  4. Complete the application form provided by the National Land Agency (BPN).
  5. Attach a photocopy of the identity card (KTP) of the applicant and the parties related to the change of land status.
  6. Pay the administrative fees that have been set by BPN.
  7. Submit the required documents and information completely and correctly.

In addition to the above conditions, it should also be noted that this process must be carried out by the owner of the land or by the parties directly interested. If another party is appointed as a proxy or representative, a valid proxy must be included.

In addition, the information included in the APHT application must be in accordance with the facts, because false or falsified information may be subject to legal sanctions.

APHT submission process

The following is the APHT (Administration of Land Rights Renewal) submission process in general:

1. Preparation of the document

First, they prepare the necessary documents, such as land rights certificates, proof of payment of land and building tax (PBB), supporting documents for changes in the status of the land or land use, and photocopies of the KTP of the applicant and related parties.

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Also make sure that the documents are complete and in accordance with the requirements established by the National Land Agency (BPN).

2. Fill out the Application Form

After the preparatory documents are completed, the APHT application is carried out by completing the application form provided by the BPN. Make sure the form is complete and correct according to the supporting documents.

3. Examination of Requirements and Verification of Data

After the application form and supporting documents have been collected, the BPN officer will verify the requirements and verify the data that has been provided. If the requirements and data provided are complete and appropriate, the next process will be continued.

4. Payment of Administrative Fees

After the verification process is completed, the applicant will be charged an administrative fee that must be paid in accordance with the applicable regulations. After paying the administration fee, the applicant will receive a payment receipt which will then be used as proof of submission.

5. Renewal process of land rights certificates

After the payment of the administrative fee is completed, the renewal process of the land title certificate will be carried out by the BPN officer. This process includes submitting applications, verifying data and updating information in land title certificates.

After this process is completed, the applicant will receive an updated land title certificate.

6. Collection of certificates

After the newly renewed land title certificate has been completed, the applicant can collect the certificate at the local BPN office.

These are the steps in the APHT submission process. It is important to note that this application process may vary from region to region depending on the policies and rules that apply in that region.

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APT rate

To apply for a mortgage loan, APHT is a very important document. Therefore, the APHT requirements must be met so that the creditor can immediately process the loan. After the necessary conditions are met, the debtor must pay the costs of this process.

As part of the loan repayment guarantee, APHT fees must be paid before the loan funds are disbursed. The administrative costs of renewing land rights consist of several components, including:

  • Certificate fee: IDR 100,000
  • Tax validation fee: IDR 200,000
  • Transfer of title fee: IDR 750,000
  • SK Fee (Decree): IDR 1,000,000
  • AJB Fee (Deed of Sale and Purchase): IDR 2,400,000

APHT fees may vary depending on the notary’s office and the location of the insured object. Typically, APHT fees range from 0.25% to 1.25% of the credit score.


APHT or Land Rights Renewal Administration is an important process and document related to ownership and changes in land status in Indonesia. To apply for an APHT, the required requirements must be met and a fee must be paid by the applicant. The APHT itself is required for various purposes related to land ownership, such as applying for a KPR loan, changing land certificates, or land purchase and sale transactions.