Apartment near UI Depok, Suitable for Students!

Apartment near UI Depok, Suitable for Students!

Depok is an area that has many rows of interesting universities around. In addition to the University of Indonesia, there are also Gunadarma University and Pancasila University that are located quite close. Therefore, Depok is one of the popular places in choosing a property location, especially when looking for apartments near UI.

lacrymosemedia – Living in urban areas is a bit difficult to find a comfortable place to live. Here are some of the best and most comfortable apartments near UI Depok.

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Apartment near UI

Not only for Jakarta students, but apartments near UI are also a popular search for students coming from outside Jakarta. If you are one of those looking for an apartment in Depok near UI, consider the following lacrymosemedia recommendations.

Residence Margonda

(Direct hotels)

The Margonda area apart from being a well-known university area is also a commercial area in Depok. The Margonda Residence apartment is probably the first apartment built. By location, the Margonda Residence apartment is the closest to the UI Depok train station.

The services provided by this apartment include a swimming pool, a tennis court, jogging track, mini market, prayer room, and a large parking lot. Margonda Residence Apartments have also grown to Margonda Residence 5.

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Grand Taman Melati Apartment

apartment near ui depok
(Gtmmargona 2)

Grand Taman Melati Margonda was created with the concept of the best residence for students, especially for those looking for an apartment near UI Depok. Located on the Margonda highway, this apartment is considered very strategic.

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The University of Indonesia station is directly behind the Grand Taman Melati Margonda. The services offered are quite modern, equipped with wifi, access cards, CCTV, Co-Working Space, amphitheater, presentation room, swimming pool, fitness center, mini market, laundry, also sky lounge cafe.

Apartments Evenciio Margonda Apartemen


Another apartment near UI Depok is the Evenciio Margonda Apartment which is also often known as sharia apartment. The Evenciio Apartments are known as premium apartments for students and are the first apartments that take care of drug prevention. One of the advantages of this Evenciio Margonda apartment is the presence of e-library in collaboration with Gramedia.

Atlanta Residence Depok

apartment near ui depok
(Atlanta Margonda)

You can also try this apartment in Depok near UI which has a different concept from others. The Atlanta Residences Apartment is the first apartment in Depok to introduce a residential concept that has been directly integrated with offices, commercial spaces, condotels, educational centers and hospitals. This concept is often called mix the concept of use.

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Apartment near UI Depok, Mazhoji


Mazhoji is one of the apartments in Depok near the University of Indonesia, outside the Margonda area, the Pondok Cina area can also be an option. The Mazhoji apartment is located 100 m from the Margonda toll booth. This apartment is a residence with the first Japanese concept in the Depok area. Very interesting isn’t it Pins?

Grand Zamzam Towers Apartment

apartment near ui depok

A good apartment environment is an important point as an option to find apartments for students. Apartments near UI Depok mainly facilitate a student and Islamic environment. One of the apartments that can be an option with a good environment is this Grand Zamzam Towers.

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Reflected by its name, this apartment carries the concept of Islamic accommodation. One form is the presence of a mosque as an icon at the main door of the apartment, and there is also surveillance by the moral police.

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Apartment Diamond Amara Avenue Residence


In addition to Margonda area, Kukusan area can also be a choice of apartment in Depok near UI. Diamond Amara Avenue Residence Apartment or commonly called DAVE Apartment, is an apartment located not far from the Kukusan toll plaza.

Located precisely on Jl. Palakali Raya, Kukusan, or at the back door of the UI campus, are the main attractions of DAVE Apartments. This apartment also provides commercial spaces including F&B, retail, and offices.

Apartment near UI Depok, Saladdin Mansion

apartment near ui depok

As the name implies, this Saladdin Mansion apartment carries the concept of a Mediterranean style built on an area of ​​1 hectare. In addition to the apartments, Pins can also find a row of commercial spaces along the entrance area of ​​Saladin Mansion. The location of the Saladdin Mansion apartment is still located in Jalan Margonda raya, so it is still quite close to many educational centers.

Park View Detos Apartment


This apartment has a strategic location because it is only less than 5 minutes walk from Pondok China train station. Pins can easily find the Park View Detos apartment. This is because it is located right above the Depok Town Square shopping mall, or commonly known as Detos. Detos is also known as one of the busiest malls in Depok you know!

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Female apartment near UI Depok

apartment near ui depok
(Cover 6)

Adhigrya ​​​​​​​​​Pangestu, the residence that is commonly known as the Female apartment, was built as a vertical residence specifically for women. This apartment is located in the city center which certainly supports the needs of modern women.

Although it has only 1 tower, Female Apartment offers many choices of studio types with different sizes. The types of units offered are type 39, type 33, type 30, type 28, type 27 and type 26.

Choosing an apartment in Depok near UI is the right choice for students looking for a place to live. In addition to access to nearby educational centers, this area is also a commercial center in the Depok area. It is no wonder that there are many facilities and interesting places around the apartment near the UI. So, in addition to being able to focus more on learning, Pins can also relieve fatigue from the pile of tasks.

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