Anyone can be a Leader

Anyone can be a Leader

JAKARTA, – Phoenix United passed successfully The Big Launch regularly hybrid, which coincides with the 77th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia on Wednesday (17/03). This event features guest stars cool and those interested are Jennifer Rachel (public figure), Abi Anggoro (composer and producer), Erwin Arifin (Vice President of Investment Kejora Capital) and Salwa Rafila Babheer (Puteri Indonesia Riau Islands Favorite 2022).

Held at Studio Jakarta and live on Zoom and on the Young On Top YouTube channel, the event marked the birth of Phoenix United, a fun leadership community for its members. With a mission to build an Indonesian Leadership Society, Phoenix United aims to recruit Indonesian leaders who can have a wide impact, smartas well as fun and cool.

“Phoenix United’s involvement as a congregation leaders expected to provide the widest possible open space for leaders networking, to have funand of course it gives confidence and positive influence to the people of Indonesia. Indeed, “There is no limit to being a leader,” said Sabilur Rosyad as president of Phoenix United.

He also said that everyone from students to group kids content creators Like TikTokers and YouTubers, and different groups can be leaders for their communities

Phoenix United wants to introduce a new perspective on how it can be called a good leader. Stereotypical leaders the good ones are formal, ambitious, neat and inspiring. On the other hand, people with tattoos are careless partyand looks just as eccentric as the image bad leader.

Although a leader is not only seen in outward appearance and demeanor, which is formal and tidy, there are actually different leadership styles. Phoenix United’s existence is focused on responding to the situation.

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It is known that Phoenix United already has more than 200 VIP and Star Members from various backgrounds. public figurebusinessman, affecting, until students and students excel. In the future, Phoenix United will continue to strive to increase its reach and bring together more potential leaders. (rls/ten/d1)