Anti-short circuit! 7 ways to use the electric stove correctly

Anti-short circuit! 7 ways to use the electric stove correctly

How to use an electric stove

Electric stoves are increasingly used by urban communities. Go on, find out how to use an electric stove correctly and safely in this article.

Many owners have now switched to electric or electric stoves.

In addition to having a modern design, this kitchen utensil also has many features that make it easier for its users.

In terms of cost, electric stoves are also considered more efficient than gas cooking devices.

How much does it cost to use an electric stove?

Based on the results of trials conducted by PLN, when using an electric stove, it costs only Rp. 4,450, which is equivalent to 1 kg.

Although it is easier to use, there are still people who do not know how to use an electric stove properly.

Launch from the page and many other sources, here are the steps to use an electric stove.

How to safely use an electric stove

1. Ensure Enough Electricity

The first step before starting to use this kitchen utensil is to check in advance that the electrical power is sufficient.

Actually, how many watts electric stove huh?

Typically, these devices require about 700-2,000 watts of power.

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However, there are also electric stoves that require an electricity consumption ranging from 200-500 watts.

2. Press Button to Power On

How to use the Electrolux electric stove


After verifying that the electrical power is safe, the next step is to press the button on/off on the stove.

Of course, this step is the same as with a portable electric stove.

However, if the device does not have a button on/offjust turn the knob on the stove.

3. Choose a pan with a flat bottom

The next way to use an electric stove is to choose the type of pot or pan with a flat base.

Because, cooking with a curved pan can vibrate when the water boils.

Also, a wok with a curved bottom will not conduct heat well, which can damage the electric stove.

4. Use the Appropriate Cooking Mode

Electric stove cooking mode


One of the advantages of this home furniture is the presence of functions or ways of cooking, so it will make it easier for the user.

Well, how to use the next Maspion electric stove, which is to choose the cooking mode as needed.

For example, if the Property People want fried then use the method of frying.

As for boiling, use the boiling mode.

5. Choose the Right Cookware

The choice of the material of the kitchen utensils is also part of the text of the procedure on how to use an electric stove correctly and safely.

It is not recommended to use aluminum kitchen utensils, because it can leave marks and potentially damage the furniture.

The electric stove company GE recommends that stainless steel cooking is the right choice.

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6. Heat the Cookware

how to turn on a portable electric stove


Compared to conventional appliances, electric stoves take longer to heat up.

Therefore, it is a good idea to preheat the pan while preparing the ingredients.

You can also take advantage of the features timer on the electric stove, to avoid short circuits or short circuits.

7. Clean the stove

The last step is to clean the stove after you finish cooking.

Of course, the kitchen utensils will be dirty due to oil splashes.

As for cleaning an electric stove it is quite easy.

You only need to clean the surface of the stove with a microfiber cloth that has been given cleaning fluid.

Well, this is how to use an electric stove correctly and safely

I hope this article can add information and be useful for you, yes!


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