An Aesthetic Angsoka House Industrial Home Garden Design

An Aesthetic Angsoka House Industrial Home Garden Design

tropical ornamental plants in the courtyard of Angsoka House

Although it is located on a limited plot of land, the owner of Rumah Angsoka managed to realize a beautiful tropical industrial house garden design. Read the whole story, go ahead.

One of the challenges often faced by residential owners in limited land is to present a small beautiful garden aesthetic.

Therefore, it is not surprising that some homeowners are discouraged from introducing a home garden.

In fact, the green area can provide fresh air in the house and will certainly beautify the appearance of the residential building as a whole.

Speaking of home gardens, there is quite an interesting and inspiring story from Rumah Angsoka, which is located in Denpasar, Bali, this one.

With only IDR 900 thousand capital, the owner managed to build an aesthetic tropical natural garden.

The garden behind the house is also a comfortable place to be used as a relaxation area for family members.

Curious about how Wahyu Dewanto and Novel, the owners of Angsoka House, can create a garden in a natural tropical industrial house?

Let’s take a look at the interview with the editorial team of, which was done via a digital connection some time ago.

Minimalist home garden

minimalist tropical garden design inspiration

(Source: Instagram / @rumahangsoka)

For your information, Angsoka House is located on an area of ​​100 square meters with a total construction area of ​​42 square meters.

At first, reviewed the story of Wahyu Dewanto and his wife in realizing their dream 2-story industrial residence for only Rp 185 million.

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In addition to the main room, this residence also includes a garden design behind an industrial house measuring 3.5 meters x 5.5 meters.

With his foresight to make house plans, Wahyu was able to maximize the availability of available land by presenting a minimalist tropical garden.

This green area seems to be an important and increasingly beautiful part of the tropical natural industrial house.

The reason is that the owner of Angsoka House decorates the courtyard with a number of tropical plants, such as vines, batik taro and Calathea.

He also used medium-sized white pebbles that were scattered in the area, to further enhance the decoration of the garden,

“There was a plant Calathea 3 meters high, but because it was exposed to pests, it rotted and we had to clean it,” he said.

Cost to Build an Industrial Home Garden Design

Tropical industrial house garden design decorated with pebbles

(Source: Instagram / @rumahangsoka)

In the construction process, this tropical house garden design lasted two weeks.

Wahyu Dewanto said he used the services of a craftsman to realize his design.

However, when looking for and buying materials, he did it himself.

“For the cost of working on the front and back gardens, it costs about Rp. 900 thousand,” he said.

“This value already includes manufacturing materials and services,” Wahyu added.

As for the plants, he admitted to using a collection of pre-existing plants.

Wahyu said he was inspired by pictures on social media, such as Instagram and Pinterest.

“Actually, this park still lacks a lot. However, for now it is quite comfortable to use when relaxing,” he said

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“Maybe later, I will add a fish pond in the garden area,” said Wahyu.


Well, this is the inspiration for the industrial house garden belonging to Rumah Angsoka.

I hope this article can add information and be useful for you, yes!

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