All the beautiful emerald green color

All the beautiful emerald green color

emerald green color

Today, emerald green is a trendy color. We find many uses of this color not only in the field of fashion, but also in the field of interior design. Many homes use emerald paint to create an impression that you want to highlight. This color is a favorite of many people because in general it can create a luxurious impression, but still beautiful. Do you want to know more about the colors that are currently hits in it? Here is the full review from :

What is the color emerald green?

Esmeralda or emerald green is a bright and fresh green color, often used to describe natural beauty or freshness. This color is obtained from the mineral beryl, which is mostly used in rings, earrings, bracelets and other jewelry. The distinctive green color of beryl comes from the mineral’s iron and chromium content. The green color contained in beryl can vary depending on the amount of iron and the chromium content in the mineral. The most characteristic green color of beryl is called emerald green.

History of the Emerald Color

According to, the name “emerald green” was first used in 1598. This color is named after the distinctive color of the emerald gem. Emerald green was very popular in the 1800s and was commonly used as an artist’s paint, house paint and clothing dye. It was favored by artists such as Monet, Cézanne and Vincent Van Gogh, who presented the color in their 1889 work Madame Roulin Rocking the Cradle.

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Is Emerald Green the same as Dark Green?

If you see emerald green and juxtaposed with dark green, then the emerald is included in the dark green group. But, of course, this color has differences with dark green in general.

What color is emerald green?

The emerald or emerald green color is suitable to be combined with many other colors, such as:

  • White color: The combination of white and emerald green creates a fresh and natural impression.
  • Gold or silver color: This combination will add an elegant and luxurious effect to the emerald green color.
  • Black: The combination of black and emerald green makes an interesting contrast.
  • Pink: The combination of emerald green and pink creates a romantic and feminine impression.
  • Blue: The combination of emerald green with blue will make a fresh impression.
  • Yellow: The combination of emerald green with yellow can create a happy and warm impression.
  • Beige: A combination of emerald and beige can make an impression calm and elegant without being excessive.
  • Lime green color: Although the emerald color is a color that bold and lime green is also a great color boldHowever, combining the two is not bad.

In any case, the right color combination depends on the context used, such as interior design, fashion or branding.

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What impression does Emerald Green make?

Emerald green or emerald green can create many impressions, such as:

  • Natural beauty: The color emerald green is often used to describe natural beauty such as green grass, green leaves and green trees.
  • Freshness: Emerald green can make an impression cool.
  • Confidence: The emerald green color can evoke feelings of stability, and give strong self-confidence.
  • Balance: The emerald green color can be used to create balance, physically and emotionally.
  • Happiness: The emerald green color can give a sense of peace and happiness.
  • Pacific: The color emerald green can evoke feelings of peace and serenity.
  • Classy: In addition to the things mentioned above, emerald green can also create a classy and elegant impression.
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However, the perception of color can vary according to culture, context and individual.

Different Emerald Colors

Did you know that there are different types of emerald colors? Launching the page, some examples of emerald colors are as follows:

  • Standard emerald color with code #50c878.
  • Medium Emerald #14A989, issued by the Crayola color company.
  • Paolo Veronese Green #009b7d. This emerald color has thick blue undertones.
  • Spanish Emerald #5009975.
  • Emerald Vivid #009874.
  • Illuminating Emerald #319177. This color includes dark emerald among other emerald colors.
  • Emerald x97000 #ICE678. It is the brightest emerald color.

So it’s an emerald color review that you need to know. How? Are you interested in using this color in your home as well?