Advantages and disadvantages of Steam Iron

Advantages and disadvantages of Steam Iron

advantages of steam iron
Philips Gc48860 Steam Iron

Ironing clothes is divided into two types, namely ordinary and steam. Of course, both have their advantages and disadvantages. However, from the various advantages, ironing with a steam iron it results save time us

Yes! For those of you who travel a lot, a steam iron can be the most useful item. Although the time is short, it does not mean that the results are disappointing. However, of course, these advantages are also offset by disadvantages.

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Well, this time we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of steam irons one by one.

Advantages of steam iron

There are several advantages of steam irons that can help you order clothes, such as the following.

1. Save time

If you don’t have much time to iron your clothes before traveling, then using a steam iron is the right choice..

You see, the resulting water vapor can smooth out the most stubborn wrinkles in a short time.

advantages of steam iron
Steam irons can give the best appearance to clothes because the surface is very smooth

2. Aman

The next advantage of the steam iron is that it can be turned off automatically, so its use is safer. This can minimize injury if the iron is too hot.

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3. Best results

Do you want a clean, refined and professional outfit? So, you need to use a steam iron. You see, the hot steam that is produced is able to moisten the fibers of the clothes and make them easier to press.

In addition, the steam does not damage the fiber elements of the fabric. As a result, the fiber stays tight and the iron result can be clean, even if you use it all day.

advantages of steam iron
When using a steam iron, clothes can be smoother and have a softer texture

4. Easy maintenance

Easy maintenance methods are also the advantages of steam irons that you can get. See, that’s enough need cloth microfiber to dry the outside of the iron and empty the water tank after each use.

Disadvantages of steam iron

In addition to the advantages, it turns out that steam irons also have some disadvantages, such as the following.

1. Need Refill Water

Steam irons use steam to smooth clothes. Therefore, it is necessary to fill the water in the tank periodically. You see, if the tank is empty of water, the iron cannot produce steam.

Especially if the tank is quite small, you need to fill it with water several times in the process of drying the clothes.

However, this can be overcome by keeping a large container of clean water near the steam iron so that it can be easily refilled.

advantages of steam iron
When using a steam iron, you need to supply water through the refill system

2. Only Available for Certain Materials

Unlike ordinary irons, steam irons cannot be used for all types of fabrics, especially heavy materials such as wool and polyester blends. You see, the steam produced is not enough to remove the bends in heavy fabrics.

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However, if you have a variety of light fabrics, such as linen and cotton, then a steam iron can make your clothes perfectly smooth.

The best steam iron tips

Well, this is the advantages and disadvantages of steam irons that you need to know. So the most interested in buying, right?

We have summarized some of the best steam iron tips that you can use at home, as follows.

1. Philips steam iron

The Philips brand steam iron comes with a steam function that can be adjusted according to the type of clothing material and has a non-stick base. So, there is a part spray from the front so that the volume of water vapor can be maximized.

advantages of steam iron
Philips 400w Gc1418 Steam Iron – Purple

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2. Salav Folding Steam Iron Handheld

Do you want a more compact use of the steam iron? You can use the folding type and by hand the following. This iron has a water tank capacity of 90 ml with an automatic shut-off function, so it is safe from excessive heat levels and water leaks.

advantages of steam iron
Salav Folding Steam Iron Dh300 – White Gold

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3. Aries Styromatic Steam Iron

Ariete presents a clothes ironing tool with 2 functions at once, as a steam iron with a tank capacity of 0.6 liters or without steam. Of course, the base is non-stick with a very slim tip to be able to reach the corners of the clothes.

advantages of steam iron
Ariete Styromatic compact steam iron

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4. Air Steam Iron Portable

If you like to travel, So you can choose the Ariete brand steam iron with a portable type. You see, this tool is made of plastic that weighs 2.5 kg that you just put in a suitcase or bag.

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advantages of steam iron
Ariete portable steam iron

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