Advantages and disadvantages of exposed concrete floor applications at home

Advantages and disadvantages of exposed concrete floor applications at home

characteristics of the exposed concrete floor

Do you want to use exposed concrete floors in your home? If so, first understand the following features, ok!

Recently, industrial design is growing in Indonesia.

The main feature is the appearance of the room that looks like it has not been finished because it has not gone through a process. finished with paint.

The walls and floor of the house are left plain to highlight the color of the concrete itself.

Do you want to try this design on the floor of your house?

First, first consider the advantages and disadvantages of the application of the exposed concrete floor concept.

Advantages of exposed concrete floor applications

1. Easy maintenance

an overly exposed design

First, the exposed floors are classified low maintenance because the surface is not easily dirty.

You just need to sweep and mop the floor every day to keep it clean.

Then, once every 6-9 months, apply there were o sealant on the surface of the floor to make it look shiny.

In this way, the floor of the house will always be like new.

2. It is not easily scratched

The hardness of exposed concrete floors makes them last for a long time.

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The surface is not easily scratched by sharp objects or furniture edges.

This is definitely different from the plan vinyl and ceramics that are very susceptible to scratches.

The surface is not easily broken when it collides with a heavy object.

3. High Durability

Not only anti-scratch, the durability of exposed concrete floors is also high at all times.

The floor is not easily damaged even if it is exposed to the sun and rain.

This is why the application is very suitable for outdoor areas, such as terraces and balconies.

You can also use it for semi-finished rooms.out of like a kitchen.

4. Economical

the advantages of exposed concrete floors

Regarding the price, the application of the concept of the plan exposed is classified as economic.

The reason is, you only need to prepare a budget to buy cement and adhesive.

In addition, the installation does not take much time so you can save labor costs.

However, be sure to choose a manufacturer that has experience in making exposed floors so that the results are of the highest quality.

5. Not flammable

The next advantage of exposed concrete floors is that the material is fire resistant.

You don’t need to worry that the floor will suddenly burn due to an electrical short circuit.

Not only this, this primer is also resistant to bacterial attack so it is very safe for health.

6. Various designs

Finally, exposed floors have a variety of design options.

You can play with the texture to the appearance of the color.

In this way, the look does not look monotonous and dull.

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For the record, some builders can even make exposed floors look like ceramic tiles, here we go.

Disadvantages of exposed concrete floor applications

1. Hard surface

exposed concrete floor character

Unfortunately, exposed concrete floors also have a number of disadvantages that you should consider.

First, the surface is hard so it is not comfortable to sit for a long time.

The risk of occupants being injured by a collision with the plane also tends to be high if you are not careful.

2. Vulnerable to Experience Hair Cracks

In addition, exposed floors are prone to hairline cracks in the surface.

Especially in environments with a high level of humidity.

Therefore, you have to check and clean again.

However, these cracks are usually not that big, so you can ignore them.

3. You feel cold

The next drawback is that the floor feels cold on the skin.

Cool floors are effective in making the home feel cooler, but this is only suitable for homes in tropical areas.

If you live on a plateau, the cold floor temperature will certainly cause discomfort.


I hope this review of the advantages and disadvantages of exposed concrete floors is useful for you.

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