Adidas Indonesia partners with Matias Ibo to provide Tips for Beginner Runners

Adidas Indonesia partners with Matias Ibo to provide Tips for Beginner Runners

on time, – Adidas Indonesia collaborates with PT. Navya Retail Indonesia provides a medical/nutrition coach for Adidas Runners Jakarta, Matias Ibo, to introduce the Adizero SL running shoe product, as well as provide advice for novice runners about to start a marathon.

Matias explained that running marathons have been in vogue lately. Considering the very long distance, of course, marathon running requires special preparation, especially for beginners. To get through it successfully, you need to prepare physically, mentally and consistently.

“The only advice is consistency, the most important principle is consistent running. What does that mean? because running is the easiest sport, you can run anywhere,” said Matias Ibo during a talk show with the running community in Medan on Friday (16/12/2022).

He also suggested that beginners can exercise gradually, i.e. at least three times a week for 30 minutes to an hour.

Matias Ibo, the first physiotherapist in the Indonesian national football team and in the Indonesian football world, also asked beginners to set a goal in running, not just joining.

According to him, physical and mental (overthinking) must be forced, because starting a new change is really very difficult. The first one to three months are a battle for yourself.

“Diet and sleep patterns should also be considered so that many benefits can be gained by adopting a proper diet and proper sleep pattern after exercise conditioning,” he said.

Matias added that to support running sports activities, of course, you need comfortable running shoes, multifunctional shoes with thicker cushioning than regular running shoes, so you can avoid risks while running and feel comfortable using them.

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Meanwhile, PT Navya Retail Indonesia’s Marketing Communications Manager Juwita Indah Pratiwi said her party has specially introduced running coach Matias Ibo to provide motivation for novice runners and introduce running shoe products.

“Many people today have made running a lifestyle, and many running communities have sprung up, which are now created by young people who want to choose running shoes with soft and light cushioning so that their feet run more comfortably and avoid injury. For this reason, we present footwear products for runners, which will complement the running shoes normally worn in competitions.”

The Adizero SL is designed to help runners take their training to the next level as it provides the feel of an elite level running shoe at a lower price. The Adizero SL is a speed trainer or training shoe equipped with the latest technology to enable the user to run faster and more comfortably.

Navya Retail Indonesia itself is now a company that hosts various fashion brands such as Old Navy, Vans, Dope & Dapper, Ipanema and Adidas, which have catered to the needs of more Indonesian people. Especially those who love running and lifestyle sports. (wol/rls/ega/d2)