Addressing Household Needs, MODENA Develops Latest Innovations

Addressing Household Needs, MODENA Develops Latest Innovations

on time, – Catering to household needs especially for mothers, MODENA continues to innovate by introducing IoT (Internet of Things) based home appliance products and hybrid products to meet modern family needs.

The two products are Water Heater ES 15 SKY and Water Filtration WE 1310 BGWH. This was conveyed by MODENA Medan branch manager Jamaludin on Friday (9/11).

Seeing the community’s response in meeting practical and eco-friendly living needs, MODENA introduces new innovations to meet these needs.

“For example, the ES 15 SKY water heater equipped with IoT or Internet of Things technology can be controlled from anywhere via smartphone, from temperature regulation to personalization of each user’s needs.”

With IoT software, it is very easy for consumers to control everything with just a fingertip. No need to wait until we reach home, we can still heat water from anywhere via smartphone.

“Besides IoT, the ES 15 SKY product is also equipped with Selectable Power function. Features that allow consumers to choose the power, ie 300 W, 500 W or 800 W. The choice of power will affect the heating speed, the more power used, the faster the heating. In addition, the ES 15 SKY has a capacity of 15 liters and is also IPx4 splash-proof,” he said.

Of course, there are many more interesting features that can be used with this product. All MODENA products always emphasize the aesthetic aspects of design, are rich in features that provide comfort and convenience for users (user friendly), apply the latest technology and are environmentally friendly.

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“Not stopping with IoT technology updates in the water heater collection, MODENA introduced a collection of innovative products with hybrid technology, namely Water Filtration WE 1310 BGWH, which participated in the MODENA product launch at INDOBUILDTECH Expo 2022 and is now available for users in Medan and surrounding areas.”

He added that the WE 1310 BGWH Water Filtration is designed to not consume microplastics that may settle in water. The reason is based on research from New York University, which found that 93% of the water tested contained microplastics, which averaged 10.4 microparticles per liter.

“Unlike public water dispensers in circulation and used by the public, the WE 1310 BGWH water filter is able to minimize the contamination of microplastic particles in every liter of water we consume through the filtering process of the Double Filtration System. This latest system uses Ultrafiltration to filter out microplastics, bacteria and other pollutants, also contains an Activated Carbon Filter to neutralize odors and improve taste,” he added.

“The health hazard of microplastics is not a joke, but it is not easy to avoid these particles 100%. However, with Water Filtration WE 1310 BGWH, these particles will be wasted through the double filtration process present in this product. Thus, consumption by every MODENA user family in Medan the quality of water will be better for consumption,” concluded Jamaludin. (wool/eco/d1)