AC 1 PK How many Watts? Here’s how to know AC power!

AC 1 PK How many Watts? Here’s how to know AC power!

ac 1 pk how many watts

Install AC 1/2 PK or 1 PK huh? Instead of guessing, it is better to first know how many watts of AC 1/2 PK and 1 PK AC, then adjust to the size of the room!

In Indonesia, especially in low-lying areas, air conditioning, aka air conditioning, seems to have become an electronic item that must be present at home.

However, before installing the AC, you should adjust the electrical power and the area of ​​the room in the house.

Don’t let there be a power outage because the electricity use from the AC is too great!

Also avoid installing the wrong size air conditioner so that the installed air conditioner works optimally.

Nahabout for your home, what is the best air conditioner you should buy and install?

Is it AC 1/2 PK, or AC 1 PK?

The most important thing is to know in advance the wattage of the AC.

Immediately, find out with 1 PK AC how many watts and other AC dimensions.

How to Determine PK AC

installation fee ac

There are several ways that can be done to find out which AC PK should be chosen, including:

1. Adjust Home Electric Power

AC ability is usually judged by how many PKs the AC has.

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PK AC stands for Horse power or even often referred to as aka horse power horseor AC power.

What is the difference between 1/2 PK and 1 PK AC?

Different PK, which means there is a difference in the amount of energy needed by the AC to cool a room.

To know how PK AC to choose, you can first adjust to the electrical power in your home.

In general, PLN only provides a few choices of electrical power standards, namely 220VA (1A), 450VA (2A), 900VA (4A), 1300VA (6A), 2200VA (10A), 3500VA (16A), 4400VA (20A) , 5500VA. (25A). ) etc.

2. Understand the details of PK and AC Watts

Here are the details of the standard PK and the number of watts of electricity that you can add to the electrical power at home.

  • AC stardard 1/2 PK, usually consumes 400 Watts of power
  • 1/2 PK low watt AC, usually consumes 320 Watts of power
  • AC standard 3/4 PK, usually consumes 600 Watts of power
  • 3/4 PK low watt AC, usually consumes 530 Watts of power
  • Standard 1 PK AC, usually consumes 840 Watts of power
  • 1 PK low watt AC, usually consumes 660 Watts of power
  • 1 PK inverter AC, usually consumes 225 – 920 Watts of power

Just match the total amount of electrical current in the house with the necessary AC requirements.

Do not forget to also calculate the consumption of other electronic goods at home and accumulate them all.

Do not let the electricity consumption exceed the total electrical power of your home.

3. Determine the AC 1/2 PK or 1 PK depending on the size of the room



In addition to having to adjust to the electrical power at home, the selection of the amount AC PK depends on the type of air conditioner and the needs of the room.

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In determining the amount of PK, you can also use the British Thermal Unit (BTU) as a reference.

An air conditioner with a power of 1 PK is usually enough to cool a room of 50 m3, or a room 5 meters long, 4 meters wide and 2.5 meters high.

More precisely, how to determine the value by multiplying the length of the room in meters by 500 (standard BTU).


For example, a room of 3 x 2 meters can be calculated as follows:

BTU value = PXLX 500 = 3 X 2 X 500 = 3000 BTU.

If the value is less than 5000 BTU, you can use AC 1/2 PK.

Meanwhile, if the maximum value is 7000 BTU, you can use 3/4 PK.

Room with a maximum value of 7000 BTU, use 1 PK AC.

To make it easier, you can adjust the AC PK to the size of the room as follows:

  • AC 0.5 PK: 5,000 Btu/hrfor a room of 10 m2
  • AC 0.75 PK: 7,000 Btu/hrfor a room of 14 m2
  • AC 1 PK: 9,000 Btu/hrfor a room of 18 m2
  • AC 1.5 PK: 12,000 Btu/hrfor a room of 24 m2
  • AC 2 PK: 18,000 Btu/hrfor a room of 36 m2

4. Determine AC PK Based on the Monthly Cost of Electricity

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You can also determine AC 1/2 PK or 1 PK based on the electricity costs per month.

Launch from Kompas.comhere is the calculation:

1 PK conventional AC requires about 819 Watts of power on average while AC inverter only requires about 540 Watts.

From the figures above, the average electricity cost of a conventional air conditioner reaches Rp. 451,400 for a month assuming 12 hours of daily use.

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On the 540 Watt AC inverter, per month you only need to pay IDR 297,626 for the same duration of use.

If you assume that you use two AC inverters at home, the electricity bill savings that can be made can reach 51 percent.

Nahnow you have an idea of ​​the PK AC to choose from capable of?

I hope this article was helpful for you!


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