A simple aquarium, a simple way to freshen up a room

A simple aquarium, a simple way to freshen up a room

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There is no need for luxury items to make the space cool and comfortable. Added a aquarium Even simple things can change the atmosphere of a room, making the atmosphere calm and refreshing.

There are a lot of them right now aquarium simple yet beautiful that can be chosen to complement the space in your home. Follow the advice on selection and placement aquarium simple decoration below!

To get to know aquarium simple decoration

Just like his name, aquarium simply or aquarium The minimalist really looks simple, both in terms of form and content and water filtration settings. Only with tank aquarium simple filled with water, fish and air filter, aquarium Simple decoration is still effective in reviving and refreshing the atmosphere of the space in the house.

With a minimalist look, aquarium It simply has many advantages. Such as aquarium a simple, modern impression will appear in the space. Its minimalist appearance will eliminate obstacles in enjoying the decorative fish in it. Placement aquarium Even simple, flexible, it can even be placed in the middle of a room that does not have a partition. Not just that, aquarium simple easy to clean and maintain.

Usually, aquarium of glass. For safety, select the type of glass tempered or laminated. For more different shapes, you can choose aquarium from acrylic material.

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A simple aquarium, a simple way to freshen up a room


Ideal location aquarium

Aquarium simple can really be placed anywhere in the house as desired. ideally, aquarium simply being in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight, is not in the way of busy daily activities, but is still easily accessible and maintained.

Avoid placing aquarium in a noisy place such as near the entrance, loudspeaker, television and the like. Therefore, fish are not easily exposed to stress and die. Also pay attention to the availability of electricity for lighting and filtration systems aquarium.

Not only technically, the placement of the aquarium can be determined based on fengsui beliefs. For those who believe in it, Feng Shui can help balance the basic energies (chi) in the room, creates energy that is good for health and even attracts well-being to the people who work or live in it.

According to feng sui, an ideal location aquarium it is simple on the southeast side of the room. It is believed that the southeast direction is the direction of prosperity and abundance of food. Place a simple aquarium diagonally across or opposite the entrance to the room.

In feng shui, there are also some places in the house that are not recommended aquariumthat is, bedrooms and kitchens. Aquarium in the bedroom it is considered to disturb the rhythm of rest, while aquarium in the kitchen is considered to cause strife in the household.

In addition to proper placement, pay attention to the material aquarium simple and the number of fish in it so that the influence of fengsui is getting stronger.

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A simple aquarium, a simple way to freshen up a room


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Size aquarium easy

In order to be in balance with the size of the space and according to the needs, the size aquarium Simple decorations require attention. For beginners, aquarium a simple 10-20 liter nano type can be an option. This size is enough to decorate a table or other small space. There are also aquarium small size around 30-40 liters which is suitable for work spaces and living rooms. These two sizes can be used as a basis for measurement aquarium easy.

After selecting the size aquarium, specify the type of fish as filling. There are several types of ornamental fish that are easy to maintain, such as goldfish, goldfish, mollybetta fish, zebrafish, fish salariesas well as fish guppy. Add coral, sand, coral, rocks, or dry wood as decoration to craft aquarium simple decoration is more impressive.

A simple aquarium, a simple way to freshen up a room


What are the forms of design aquarium ornamental fish?

It has various forms aquarium simple but beautiful to choose from. Aquarium it’s simply the simplest aquarium form bowl (fish market), It is aquarium rounded glass vase. However, the guy aquarium This is considered undesirable for the fish as the oxygen cycle for the fish will be minimal, the temperature is inconsistent and there is a risk of sudden changes in pH or acid-base neutrality levels that can cause the fish to become ill.

Form aquarium the other is a simple square independent. Aquarium nano and small sizes usually have this shape. You can place it on a table or other furniture. Unlike fish marketform aquarium rectangle independent a water filtration system can be installed aquarium simple ones, namely aerators and water filters.

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A simple aquarium, a simple way to freshen up a room


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These are tips for selection and placement aquarium easy but beautiful for refreshing the space in your home. Find variety design tips more for your favorite abode, only at Archives!