A new hijab? These are the Recommended Hijab Patterns You Should Try

A new hijab? These are the Recommended Hijab Patterns You Should Try

lacrymosemedia.com Hijab is one of the signs or characteristics of a Muslim woman’s appearance. However, did you know that there are many types of hijab that you can try to get the look you want? Below is a summary of hijab styles that you should try as a reference to wear according to your desire.

1. Triangular Hijab
Triangle hijab you need to know. As the name suggests, a triangular hijab is a hijab with a triangular base shape and usually a list bandana that gives a luxurious impression. Triangular hijabs are recommended for those who want to be seen at formal events or parties. This type of hijab now comes in various models and motifs that are very interesting to keep up with the fashion development.

2. Square Hijab
As the name suggests, a rectangular hijab is an equilateral quadrilateral or square hijab. The standard size of a rectangular hijab is 110 x 110 cm or 115 x 115 cm. But Muslim women who want a large size rectangular hijab need not worry because there are 130 x 130 cm hijabs and larger hijabs that can be easily found in the market.

3. Hijab Pashmina
For now, pashmina is experiencing a surge in popularity thanks to the novelty of instant pashmina, that is, pashmina that is also connected to the interior. Pashmina has a rectangular shape measuring 75 x 175 cm, some 75 x 200 cm. This pashmina hijab is ideal for those who like to create hijab shapes or patterns.

4. Hijab Bergo
Bergo is a type of instant hijab that hijab wearers often use in everyday life. The front of the Bergo has an additional characteristic PET (foam padding) that is practical for everyday activities. With the look of this instant veil or veil, it will definitely make it easier for Muslim women to look practical with their hijabs. Even how to use it is very simple, just put it in your head.

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5. Hijab Khimar
The Khimar hijab has large dimensions that lie flat to cover the neck, chest and abdomen. Both front and back. As it evolves, there is a khimar model with a knee-length front. Up to the back calf. The size of the Khimar hijab is large, so it is often called the syar’i hijab.

6. Syrian hijab
The Syrian hijab is one of the instant hijabs, like the Bergo hijab. However, the two have very visible differences. The difference is in the front. If the Bergo hijab has foam, the Syrian hijab does not have foam filling. How to use is also easy, just put it on your head. (wool/various sources/healing/d2)