A good selection of patterns and colors of ceramic wall tiles

A good selection of patterns and colors of ceramic wall tiles

Beautiful wall ceramic color
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Nice list of wall tile colors.

Many things can be done to redesign your home, one of which is to replace the wall tiles. Don’t make mistakes! Ceramic color is not only white, but has a variety of colors, patterns and characteristics.

With a variety of color choices, then your room will be much more attractive. So, what are the choices of good wall tile patterns and colors? For more details, see the options below:

Color Ceramic colorful

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Many homes choose safe wall colors. Examples like neutral colors white, beige and gray. These colors are easy to combine with any color of furniture. But, unfortunately, it will end up boring because it looks monotonous.

To make it look unique, the use of colorful ceramic tiles can be an option. This color is really risky because if it is combined excessively, it will look tacky and then the room will feel cramped. However, if the application is right, the room will be aesthetic, charming and feel spacious.

An example of application can be seen as above. You can mix concepts colorful and abstract. The chosen color should also vary with the white base color. In this way, the room does not feel cramped.

Color Ceramic Mixed Blue and white

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The next good color ceramic wall for those of you who want to create an elegant room. Yes, the color is a mixture of blue marina with white These two colors make the room more peaceful and comfortable. Especially if it is added with decorations like classic style paintings and mirrors.

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Color Ceramic Red brown & White

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For those of you who want to make the room colorful but not too flashy, brown the white mixture is perfect. These two colors create an aura full of energy, especially when combined with the right furniture colors. Choose the colors of white and brown furniture so that they look contrasted and do not spoil the concept.

Wooden wall pattern

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Wooden walls create a simple yet elegant room. If you are reluctant to use real wood, now there are also many ceramics with wood motifs to choose from. In addition to being located in the bathroom, you can also apply wood motifs to the family room.

Color Ceramic Green and Beige

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The choice of green on the walls is included in the safe category. This is because this color is suitable to be combined with many colors such as beige and black. With these two colors, the room will look natural and simple.

Don’t put too much furniture to make the room feel more spacious. Also, you should use a yellow light to feel warmer.

Ceramic Hexagon Motif

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The hexagonal ceramic shape will create different concepts in your room. See the example above the concept rustic, the ceramic is not completely installed on a part of the wall. There are space white on top. The color of the ceramic is also not one color, that is, there are many colors. And the furniture used supports this concept.

White ceramic for the minimalist concept

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The last good wall tile color is white. One of the suitable reasons to apply this color is subway tiles. You might think that the room will look old school because subway tiles It has been around since the beginning of the 20th century.

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In fact, uniformity and cleanliness will make the room much more modern and minimalist. Especially if it is added with decorations with wooden and glass elements.

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