A coworking space becomes a workplace without going to an office

A coworking space becomes a workplace without going to an office

on time, lacrymosemedia.com – The growth of technology startups that offer flexible ways to work out of the office, such as those offered by co-working spaces, are “forcing” corporations to change their perspective on work by overhauling more modern office designs such as branding. offers and potential to support employee retention.

Clapham founder Chris Angkasa said this has led to the emergence of coworking space players in Indonesia, not only from the local field, but also from abroad. In the city of Medan, this trend began to appear around 2013, and there have been several so far.

“Many companies now do not require their employees to work in an office and can be anywhere. The development of coworking space in Meda itself is not as big as in Java,” he said on Wednesday (8/3).

A coworking space is the choice of location for designers, architects, flu or productive workers who want to come together for work. So an industry community will be formed and community value is important for first-time workers or business people and of course really helps them.

“There is no clear answer as to whether this business exists or not, because many people work in cafes, homes and other places. Our market is really companies or employees who have been assigned here from outside Java but don’t have an office yet,” he said.

Meanwhile, Yafurni Workspace Store Manager Petra Ginting added that this coworking space is designed to provide comfort and convenience for creative workers.

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“We want to create an inspiring and flexible work environment for creatives to work, collaborate and grow their businesses,” he said.

“It is hoped that this will help increase the productivity and creativity of creative workers in Medan. In addition, it can be a place that can help businesses grow and develop a creative community in Medan,” he said. (wool/eco/d1)