9 Ways to wash sports clothes so that they are not damaged and durable. Do you already know?

9 Ways to wash sports clothes so that they are not damaged and durable. Do you already know?

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Is your tracksuit easily damaged and stretchy? It could be that you made a mistake when washing the clothes. In order not to be easily damaged and durable, follow the method of washing sports clothes below!

Unlike ordinary clothes, sports clothes are usually made of synthetic fabrics that are light and absorb sweat.

Therefore, these clothes require special care and cleaning.

By washing clothes the right way, your favorite sports clothes can last a long time.

In addition, the right way to wash the sports clothes can kill the germs that stay and clean.

Curious about how?

Check out various reliable sources, check out how to wash sportswear below!

How to wash sports clothes so they don’t get damaged

1. Check the care label of the clothes

how to wash sports clothes check the care label

source: sfidnfits.com

Before washing sports clothes, you should pay attention to the label on the clothes.

Some companies provide special labels so that clothes can be treated according to their type.

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On the label, you can see how to wash and care for sports clothes so they can last a long time.

Generally, these labels tell you if you should wash your clothes with hot water, bleach, etc.

2. Hang first before washing

After use, do not immediately wash the sports clothes.

You can hang it to dry if it hangs to dry.

This step can make the washing process easier.

However, be sure to hang your workout clothes separately from other clean clothes.

3. Soaked with Vinegar Solution

vinegar solution for clothes

source: kompas.com

The next way to wash sports clothes is to soak them in vinegar.

This vinegar solution will help remove bad odors, stains and sweat build-up problems.

The steps you need to take are quite simple.

Just prepare a full bucket and add half a cup of vinegar.

So, mix well before immersing the training clothes in the vinegar solution.

4. Use a Special Detergent for Sportswear

When washing clothes, it is highly recommended to use detergents according to their type.

This applies when you have to clean your favorite sports clothes.

Use laundry detergent for sportswear.

Usually, these detergents are formulated to remove odors and bacteria on clothes.

5. Adjust the amount of detergent used

how to wash sports clothes rules the use of detergent

The next way to wash sports clothes is to adjust the amount of detergent.

Even if you have used the appropriate detergent, the amount of detergent used should not be too much.

Too much detergent can break down the fabric fibers.

Not only that, too much detergent can also activate residues on sports clothes.

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6. Wash Tracksuits Separately

Washing sports clothes with other clothes is not a good idea.

The reason is that sportswear uses materials that are easily torn.

This means that washing it together with other clothes actually increases the risk of the garment tearing.

Therefore, it is better to wash sports clothes separately.

7. Do the washing inside and out

do the external washing process in clothes

source: sound.com

One of the steps in washing clothes that is usually avoided is washing the clothes inside out.

While this can help keep the color, it can also make the clothes dirtier.

In fact, the inside of the clothes is where all the bacteria build up.

Therefore, turn your sports clothes when you wash them, so they look much cleaner.

8. Avoid Using Fabric Softener

Sports clothes often leave a bad smell because of the amount of sweat that gets trapped.

In these conditions, fabric softener is the solution to make the clothes smell nice and sweet.

However, this is not the right way to wash sports clothes.

The reason is that fabric softener makes clothes stretchy and traps odors.

9. Do not dry in the washing machine

how to wash sports clothes do not use the dryer

source: cleanipedia.com

The last way to wash sports clothes is not to use the washer-dryer function.

This feature of the washing machine can really cause sports clothes to get damaged quickly.

This is because the heat in the dryer is incompatible with the tracksuit.

Instead, you can hang the clothes and let them dry naturally with the help of air.


I hope the discussion on how to wash sports clothes above can be useful, Property People!

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