9 Ways to use the stove oven correctly and care tips

9 Ways to use the stove oven correctly and care tips

How to use the stove oven

Property People are confused about how to use the right stove oven? Go ahead, read a review of how to use a tankring oven in this article.

Stove ovens are kitchen utensils that are widely used by people in Indonesia.

Although there are many good electric oven products on the market, some people prefer tankring ovens to make cakes or other dishes.

Because, in addition to the low prices, the kitchen utensils do not inflate the electricity bills.

In any case, you need to pay attention to the technique of baking cakes with a tankring oven so that the results do not burn.

How to use a stove oven is certainly different from the electric model.

So, what are the steps to use a tankring oven?

Launch from the page Sajiansedap.grid.idhere are the steps to use.

Let’s take a look at the following reviews together.

How to use the stove oven

how to use gas stove oven

(Source: Tokopedia)

1. The first step, preheat the cake oven for a few minutes until it reaches the desired temperature.

To help you see the temperature, use a special oven thermometer that you can hang in the oven.

2. When the temperature has reached the desired level, add the cake batter or the food you want to cook.

3. Use level one when baking cakes for a two-tier oven.

As for the three-level oven, it would be better if the cake dough was cooked on the second level.

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4. When the bread seems cooked, the next way to use the stove oven is to move the cake to the highest level.

This is done so that the food can be cooked perfectly.

5. In general, hob ovens do not timer. Well, that’s why you should often look at the glass of the oven to see if the food is cooked or not.

6. As a solution, you can also use the function stopwatch available smartphones to calculate the cooking time.

7. When the food seems cooked, turn off the gas stove.

8. Then, remove the cake from the oven.

9. Leave the oven door open for a few moments, because the temperature of the cooking utensils drops quickly.

Tips for caring for Tangkring ovens

Tips for cleaning the tankring oven

(Source: Codysappliancerepair.com)

After knowing how to use a stove oven, now is the time for you to know how to care for it.

If you want your kitchen utensil to be durable and long, you must always take care of it.

The steps are as follows:

1. Clean the outside of the gas stove oven from pasta or food, after use.

Because, if the old paste is left, it will cause rust on the kitchen utensils.

2. Do not forget, also clean the interior with a solution of water and liquid dishwashing soap.

Remove the oven racks to remove any oil or grease left in the oven.

3. Scrub the rack with the rough side of a dishwashing sponge to remove any adhering scale.

It should be noted, when cleaning the crust on the oven, do not use a knife, so as not to damage the part.

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4. After the scale is gone, proceed to clean the rack and the inside of the oven with a soap solution and dry with a clean cloth.

5. If the inside of the door feels greasy, you can clean it with liquid dish soap.

6. Finally, make sure that the inside and the door of the cookware are dry, and assemble the shelf.

Well, this is how to use the stove oven and maintenance tips.

I hope this article can add information and be useful for you, yes!

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