9 ways to take care of superficial birds at Gacor. powerful!

9 ways to take care of superficial birds at Gacor. powerful!

how to care for shrews

Interested in breeding the shrike, but don’t know how? Learn how to care for shrews through this article!

The centet bird is a type of bird that sings with a melodious voice that many people like.

As with chirping birds in general, when you decide to raise a shrike, you must know how to care for it.

So that the sagacious bird will become gacor, learn to take good care of it, go!

How to take care of superficial birds drop off Gacor

1. Understand the Character of Shrimp

how to care for shrews

One of the things that must be understood regarding the care of the shrike is its characteristics in its natural habitat.

In its natural habitat, the shrew is a territorial bird.

That is, having a fighting spirit when someone disturbs their territory.

Nahthe seaweed has a strong and thick beak.

The thicker the beak, the louder the sound.

So, if you want a gacor shrike, choose one with a thick beak.

In addition, the adaptability of the sagacious bird is also fast, but it is famous for being fierce, so it takes time to tame it.

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If you want to be easy to care for, choose shrews because they are easier to tame.

2. Determine Gender

Like other types of chirping birds in general, if you want something gacor, choose a male chirping bird.

In general, male shrews are more gacor than female shrews.

3. Provide High Protein Foods

If you understand the two things above and decide to raise a shrew, you have to start preparing the right food.

How to care for shrews is quite easy and difficult, because shrews really like to eat.

That is, you have to prepare more budget for food needs.

The best recommended shingle feed is feeds with moderate levels of protein, about 12-18 percent.

Always deliver feeds to taste and at least replaced every two days.

However, if you want to make your own food, you can use a mixture of eggs, tofu, fish, and different vegetables that shrews like tomatoes or corn.

In addition, shrews also like fruits such as apple, papaya and banana.

4. Give Additional Feed

There is not enough food every day in the form of feeds of course, he must also be given additional food (extra food).

Additional food that can be given is crickets, orong-orong or ground dogs, kroto, worms, Hong Kong caterpillars, bamboo caterpillars, centipedes, grasshoppers and others.

The following are the provisions for providing additional food for shrews that you can follow:

  • Grilli: give enough, it can be every day
  • Koroto: one spoonful, maximum twice a week

You can also give special vitamins or herbs that are given once a week.

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5. Keep the cage clean

One thing that is very important to note regarding the care of shrews is to pay attention to the cleaning of the cage.

This actually happens to all types of chirping birds.

Always pay attention to the cleanliness of the cage, because shrews defecate in the cage.

In addition, places to eat and drink should also be cleaned regularly.

If possible, put a cage for shrews near the trees to resemble their natural habitat.

6. Wet and Dry

There are many daily maintenance that must be done, one of which is routine bathing and drying.

Every morning around seven o’clock, the shrews can be aired on the terrace.

For the drying itself, you can also do it at 7-8 in the morning or do it for about 1-2 hours.

During drying, make sure that the shrews do not see other shrews.

If you want to dry in the afternoon, do it at five in the afternoon with a maximum duration of two hours.

After that, bathe the shrews, clean the cage, replace it feeds, and drinking water again.

7. Make paste

How to care for shrews drop off gacor can be done with pasting, which is done with audio in MP3 format.

For this gluing process, turn on the audio at a low volume and repeat 5-7 times.

Pasteurization is recommended to be done more frequently when the shrew enters the molting stage.

8. Place the cage in a high place

This trick is often done by lovers of singing birds to train mentally so that the sound is more gacor.

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Therefore, hang a shrike cage in a high place.

If your house has only one floor, you can make poles with a winch.

If this is not possible, you can hang the cage on a tree branch around your house, but it must be watched.

9. Provide treatment when a little bird is sick

savvy bird care

When the health condition of the shrike decreases, you must provide special care.

You can do this by increasing the portion of crickets, which is given every day.

When sick, the korot can be given every day and also the crickets.

Bath shrews should also be reduced, only once every two days.

As for the dry can be increased to 2-3 hours per day.

If the shrews are still weak, give vitamins every day.


It is an explanation of how to care for a shrew drop off kid.

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