9 ways to take care of superficial birds at Gacor. I must know!

9 ways to take care of superficial birds at Gacor. I must know!

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Do you want a shrike to be gacor? You have to know how to take care of it. Learn how to care for shrews here, let’s go!

In Indonesia, there are many types of songbirds that are the first woman of bird lovers, ranging from rock pikes, anis birds, to shrews.

The centet bird is known as a bird that sings with a melodious voice, and can also imitate the sounds of other animals.

Therefore, this bird is much requested by people to be kept as a pet.

If you are interested in keeping them, first learn to take care of shrews!

How to take care of superficial birds

1. Understand the Character of Shrimp

keeping the shrews

The first step in caring for a shrew is to understand its character in order to be able to give it the right treatment.

In its natural habitat, the cendet is a territorial bird that marks its territory.

Cendet also has a fighting spirit, because they do not hesitate to fight with other birds that disturb their territory.

One thing you need to know about the sagacious bird is its strong and thick beak.

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The thicker the beak, the louder the sound.

If you want to find a gacor shrike, choose one with a thick beak.

Shallow birds adapt quickly, but they are known to be fierce, so the taming process takes more time.

Therefore, when you want to breed shrike, choose baby shrike so that it is easy to tame.

2. Determine Gender

As with other types of songbirds in general, male shrews are louder than female shrews.

If you want a gacor shrike, of course the male shrew should be the choice.

Male shrews have characteristics in the form of colors that tend to be dark black and active in sound.

Unlike the case with female shrews, the color tends to be bright and rarely sounds.

3. Give High Protein Foods

One of the important steps regarding the care of shrews drop out gacor is to provide foods rich in protein.

When raising shrews, you should prepare an extra budget because they really like to eat.

Don’t let the rustling birds run out of food because they can become ferocious and aggressive when they are hungry.

If you want to give a high protein that is easy to get, give it feeds with moderate protein levels of about 12-18 percent.

However, if you want to make your own food, use a mixture of eggs, tofu, fish and various types of vegetables that like shrews.

In addition to this, shrews also like apple, banana and papaya.

4. Give Supplements

In addition to providing the main food, it also provides additional food or extra food to help them grow.

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There are many additional food options for shrews such as crickets, orong-orong, worms, Hong Kong caterpillars, bamboo caterpillars, centipedes, grasshoppers, etc.

5. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the cage

how to care for shrews

Whatever type of bird is kept, keeping the cage clean is a must.

A shrew whose cage is always clean will definitely feel more comfortable and avoid stress.

6. Wet and Dry

Like other singers in general, shrews also have some daily maintenance that needs to be done consistently.

First of all, bathe the shrews regularly with the usual method.

Clean the cage of the shrike and replace the food and drink in its niche.

Around 07.00-08.00 in the morning, air on the terrace and can also be dried in the sun for 1-2 hours.

At the time of drying, try not to see the shrews of other shrews.

If you want to dry in the afternoon, you can do it around 05.00 in the afternoon with a maximum duration of two hours.

7. Make paste

If you want the shrike to become gacor, you have to do the paste process or make the shrike imitate the sounds of other birds.

This mastering process can be done with videos on YouTube or file sound in MP3 format.

Do the mastering process at a slow volume and repeat 5-7 times.

After a week, change the master sound to make it more varied.

This gluing is recommended to be done more often when the shingles are dry.

8. Put on a High Place

Putting a shrew in a high place is one of the tricks done by bird lovers to train the mentality of the shrew.

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If you put it in a tree outside the house, you have to be careful because there are tree snakes that can eat shrews.

9. Provide Care When Health Declines

When the health of rusty birds decreases, you must provide special care so that they can return to health.

How to treat sick shrews can be increasing the portion of crickets or kroto.

Do not bathe often before.

Also make sure that the drying is increased to 2-3 hours per day, and if it is still weak, you can give vitamins.


This is how the care of shrews drop out kid.

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