9 ways to take care of love for beginners. Easy and not complicated!

9 ways to take care of love for beginners. Easy and not complicated!

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When you first have a lovebird, you may not know the right way to care for your pet. Therefore, see how to take care of love for beginners below!

Lovebird is a type of pet bird that is often an option to be cared for at home.

The beauty of the feathers and the melodious chirping sound is the reason why many people want to keep this bird.

Like a bird, this animal can live up to 12 years if it is cared for properly and properly.

Well, for beginners who are interested in keeping lovebirds, you don’t need to worry.

There are many ways to take care of love for beginners that you can do at home.

Just take a look at the full review below!

How to take care of the lover for beginners. Listen carefully!

1. Have a Cage Enough Enough

how to care for lovebirds for beginners with large cages

source: kacer.co.id

How to take care of love for the first beginner is to prepare a sufficiently large bird cage.

The reason is that lovebirds are very active birds.

Therefore, they need a large area to move freely.

The more spacious the cage is prepared, the more comfortable this bird will be to live in it.

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The ideal size for a love cage is about 45 x 45 cm.

2. Pay attention to the placement of the cage

Don’t just pay attention to the size of the cage, you also have to put the lover’s cage in the right area.

Avoid placing this bird cage in a room that is too dark.

This will make the lover behave strangely or experience health.

Also keep the cage away from the floor, drafts, open windows and the kitchen.

The reason is that lovebirds catch colds and flu easily if they are constantly exposed to the wind.

Ideally, the birdcage is located in a place where the sun’s rays, but not too hot.

3. Clean the cage regularly

how to care for lovebirds for the second beginner

Keeping the cage clean regularly is a way of caring for newbies that needs to be done.

Do a thorough cleaning of the cage at least once a week.

You can do this with warm water and soap.

After cleaning, make sure the cage is dry before it is reused by your bird.

4. Provide Safe Toys

Lovebirds are birds that love to play.

In order not to get stressed quickly, you need to provide toys in the cage.

However, do not be reckless in giving toys to your favorite lovebird.

Choose toys that are safe and do not risk injuring the animal, such as plastic bottles and used tissue rolls.

5. Provide Quality Food and Healthy Snacks

how to care for lovebirds for beginners

source: birdeden.com

Next, provide the best bird food and healthy snacks for your beloved bird.

Provide quality bird food and supplements containing vitamins and minerals such as bird pellets.

In addition, also ensure the availability of fruits, fresh vegetables, healthy snacks, and access to clean water for your pet.

The fruit that can be given is very different, such as apples, grapes, papaya, mango and berries.

For snacks, like whole seeds wholemeal rice, wholemeal pasta, and multigrain breads could be an option.

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As a supplement, it also gives the intake of additional supplements that contain several nutrients such as calcium, sodium and chloride.

6. Bathe the Lovebird and Trim the Wings Correctly

You should regularly bathe and clean your love wings.

How to bathe lovebirds is easy enough that beginners can immediately practice at home.

First, spray the water slowly all over the bird’s body.

Do this a few times so your lovers get used to it and clean up later.

Then, immediately dry the bird’s body with a towel or tissue.

Put your pet in a warm place so it doesn’t get cold and catch a cold.

After being bathed, you can clean the feathers of the wings of love.

The trick is to cut the ends slowly.

If you have problems, you can take it to a professional for help.

7. Invite Lovebirds to Play Outside the Cage

invite the birds to play outside the cage

source: Burungnya.com

The next way to take care of love for beginners is to invite the lover to play outside the cage.

Taking their animals out of the cage is only done to avoid stress and anxiety.

Place the bird on your shoulder or shirt for at least 30 minutes a day so that it can easily socialize with its environment.

When taking the love out of the cage, do not use jewelry such as necklaces and earrings.

I’m afraid, love will pull your jewelry until it breaks.

8. Get with your partner

Lovebirds are known as social animals.

So that they can continue to be happy, you must put this bird with a partner.

This is done so that love can make interactions that can make them happy.

However, if you only have one bird, interact often.

Regular interaction can make lovebirds less stressed.

9. Check the health conditions of the birds regularly

how to keep a lovebird for beginners to accompany it with a partner

source: Kompas.com/Ari Widodo

Even if it has been well taken care of, sometimes the condition of the lover can decline.

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This condition can be caused by many things such as stress, lack of appetite and illness.

To avoid unwanted things later, try to check the health of the birds you keep regularly.

The health of lovebirds can be seen from the excrement that they excrete.

If the droppings are liquid and mushy, this indicates that the bird is not well.

When this happens, consult a veterinarian immediately so that it can be treated quickly.

How to Train Lovebirds at Gacor

If you want to win the race, you can train your charm to make the sound louder.

Here’s how to train the lovebirds to the gacor.

1. Mastering Process

Pemasteran is a way for lovebirds to follow the sounds that match the competition.

In teacher training, you have to make sure that the environment is calm.

Also, you need to pay attention to the characteristics of each type of lovebird.

The reason is that the master of one type of bird may not work well on other birds.

2. Attitude

bird watching

source: olx.co.id

How to train the lovers so that they can gacor is to make a good cage.

This step aims to increase the stamina and quality of the birdsong.

3. Bath of Love

Bathing lovebirds regularly can make these animals grumpier.

This serves to maintain the health of the bird because the existing germs disappear.

This good health condition will make the preparation of the birds more mature to participate in the competition.


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