9 ways to take care of a transport lawnmower to last

9 ways to take care of a transport lawnmower to last

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As with most electronics, lawnmowers can be easily damaged if they are rarely cared for. So, let’s take a look at how to take care of a lawnmower that you wear so that it lasts here!

For those of you who have a large yard full of grass, you probably have a lawn mower at home.

With this machine, you can have clean pages quickly and easily.

However, lawnmowers can be easily damaged, especially if they are not properly maintained.

Find out how to choose an easy to carry and push mower below!

How to choose a lawnmower

In Indonesia, you can find two types of machines, namely push mowers and push mowers.

Push mower

push lawnmower

Push mowers are usually used on lawns with a flat floor.

The advantages of this machine are that it can cut cleanly and quickly, and it is equipped with a grass collector.

Thus, the grass that has been cut can be stored and can be disposed of easily.

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The disadvantages of this machine are its large size and high price.

Carry Grass Cutter


In addition to push machines, you can also find lawn mowers that carry.

The mower transport can be adapted for use in uneven fields or yards.

The advantage of this machine is its small size which makes it easy to store and use.

Unfortunately, portable lawn mowers are very easily damaged because the blades deform when they hit rocks or dirt.

How to take care of a lawnmower, wear it and push it to last

1. Change Oil and Gasoline Routinely

how to care for a portable lawnmower

The way to take care of the first lawn mower that you carry and push is to regularly change the oil and gasoline.

Make sure that the oil and lubricant are always full or in accordance with the existing parameters.

Do not forget to fill the engine with gasoline before use.

2. Work diligently to heat the machine

Before starting to use the machine, do not forget to warm up the engine first to prevent jams.

You should also keep the spark plug wires away from the engine spark plug so that the engine does not start suddenly.

3. Replace the Air Channels on the Machine

The next way to care for a lawnmower that you wear is to replace the air ducts regularly.

An air filter that is dirty and has not been replaced for too long can cause the engine to not work optimally.

4. Use spark plugs that match the engine

how to care for a long transport lawnmower

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Use spark plugs that match your engine and choose those with a long service life.

Do not forget to clean the spark plugs regularly so that the engine can last longer.

5. Pay attention to the strings on the machine

Like other spare parts, you should also replace the strings on the machine regularly.

6. Using a Standard Cutting Knife

The next way to care for a clipper that carries or pushes is to use a standard knife.

Do not use unsuitable blades as this may reduce engine performance.

7. Avoid Mixing Gasoline and water

how to care for a lawnmower correctly

Most people try to mix gasoline and water in a lawnmower to save money.

However, this actually makes the engine carburetor easily damaged and dirty.

It is best if you only use the engine as engine fuel and always clean the carburetor from any dirt or water left behind.

8. Using the Machine Properly

The next way to care for a clipper is to use it properly and correctly.

Avoid negligence and mistakes, such as forcing the engine to work all the time, not maintaining the engine and spare parts, and rarely refueling.

This will make the engine easily damaged and performance reduced.

9. Store the Machine in a Protected Area

Finally, store the machine in a place protected from the sun and rainwater.

You should also keep the machine away from sources of fire so that it does not catch fire easily.


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