9 ways to solve the cause of the washing machine not spinning. Easy going!

9 ways to solve the cause of the washing machine not spinning. Easy going!

a number of reasons that the washing machine does not spin

Do you already know the reason the washing machine does not spin? Go ahead, find out the problem right away and fix it as soon as possible so it can be used again.

The washing machine is one of the electronic devices that should be in the house because it is important.

Usually, washing machines should be in every house, especially in big cities.

Use these electronic devices to wash clothes every day, even if you go to the laundromat every now and then.

As home appliances that are used routinely, of course, there is a high probability that there are problems or obstacles.

When the washing machine suddenly breaks down, of course you are confused about how to wash and dry the clothes.

Especially if you want to wear those clothes the next day.

There are a number of things that can cause a washing machine not to spin, so you should know.

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The washing machine does not spin, it just buzzes

Source: Bhg.com

Causes of the washing machine not spinning

1. Broken Cable Washing Machine

Rats can be the main cause of broken washing machine cables, these rodents are really the cause of the problem.

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This animal can enter through the opening at the bottom of the washing machine and then bite the cord.

2. Burning Washing Machine Capacitor

The reason the washing machine does not spin is a burnt condenser, especially since the washing machine is used every day.

One of the signs is the appearance of a sound even if the dryer is not spinning.

3. The dynamo of the washing machine is broken

A broken washing machine dynamo also affects the whole washing machine, the washing machine can die completely.

If the dynamo is damaged, replace it immediately with a new one.

Do not forget that this component is really vulnerable to water.

How to fix a 1 tube washing machine that won't spin

Source: Thespruce.com

4. Washer Dryer Timer Broken

When the dryer timer is faulty, this can be the cause of the washer dryer not spinning.

After frequent use, the components in the washing machine become worn and damaged.

This is also the cause of the washer dryer motor not turning.

5. Components Door switch damned

This part is a component that is located near the timer and is prone to damage if exposed to water, thus damaging the sensor.

Door switch you have to remove it, but if it doesn’t work, then you have to replace it.

6. Uneven Floor Surface

If the floor surface is uneven, it will turn off the washer-dryer sensor.

Make sure that the area where you place the washing machine has a flat surface so that the washing machine can be used optimally.

1 tub washer that won't spin just buzzing

Source: Goodhousekeeping.com

7. As a Jam Washer

If the washing machine does not spin, try to check the axis, it could be that this important component is really wrong.

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When the washing machine does not spin, you can actually check a number of components in the washing machine.

8. Too Much Laundry Load

Do not put too much laundry and also a large amount of water so that the washing machine does not move.

The washing capacity of the washing machine has a limit so you cannot load too much laundry.

9. Lid Switch It doesn’t work

For washing machines with front opening, door switch or lid switch it works like a washing machine door detector.

If the washing machine door is open, the washing machine tub will stop spinning, try to check again.

Hmm, it turns out that the cause of the washing machine does not spin much, yes, you have to check a number of parts.


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