9 ways to save AC electricity so that it is not wasted. Very powerful!

9 ways to save AC electricity so that it is not wasted. Very powerful!

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The Airconditioner (AC) is an electronic device that absorbs a large amount of electrical energy, so it should not be used without care. As a solution, you can try how to save AC electricity so that it is not wasted in this article.

Like people who live in tropical countries, the dry season in Indonesia had a significant increase in temperature.

Therefore, the condition of installing air conditioners in Indonesian homes is a natural thing.

Of course, the residents of the house prefer to stay indoors to get fresh air from the air conditioner than outside the house which is crowded with smoke.

The function of the AC itself is actually to cool the room, but this does not mean that you can set it to the lowest temperature in case.

If this is done, the AC will work harder and, consequently, the electricity consumption will increase.

I know that this problem does not happen, let’s see how to save the house AC electricity below.

9 ways to save AC electricity at home so that it is not wasted

1. Choose an Energy Saving Air Conditioner

Air conditioners with energy saving functions are the main way to save electricity.

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A.C low wattage equipped with a compressor that uses less electricity than standard air conditioning.

In fact, energy efficient air conditioners can save 20-30% of electricity consumption every month.

However, you have to remember that AC low wattage usually at a higher price.

In addition, the process of cooling the room takes longer because the air conditioner uses very little electricity.

2. Choose an AC with Low PK

low pk ac

What is the lowest PK AC?

PK stands for Horse power power required for an AC.

Generally, an AC measuring 1 PK has 350 watts to 700 watts.

The smaller the size of the AC PK you buy, the smaller the electricity consumption.

One way to save electricity tokens with AC is to buy an AC with the lowest PK, which is PK.

This can be a solution for those of you who have a room under 10 m2.

The following are general guidelines for choosing an AC PK so that it is not wasted:

  1. 1/2PK = 5000 Btu/h (room size 10m2)
  2. 3/4PK = 7000 Btu/h (room size 14m2)
  3. 1PK = 9000 Btu/h (room size 18m2)
  4. 1 1/2PK = 12000 Btu/h (room size 24m2)
  5. 2PK = 18000 Btu/h (room size 36m2)

For example, your house has a 500 watt AC with an average use of about 12 hours per day.

Meanwhile, the electricity rate is IDR 1,352 per kWh.

So this is how the calculation looks like:

Total electrical power: Big watt x duration of use x 30 days

Thus, 500 watts x 12 hours per day x 30 days.

As a result, it spends 180,000 watts of electricity or equal to 180 kWh in a month.

Then, multiply this calculation by the basic electricity rate, which is Rp 1,352.

Electricity Rate per Month: Total electricity power 1 month x basic rate

So, 180,000 watts x Rp1,352 = Rp243,360 per month.

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This figure is for one AC only.

Imagine if there are two or more ACs in the house?

3. Avoid setting the temperature below 24 degrees

In addition, this trick can be an easy way to save the use of electricity at home, that is, avoid temperatures below 24 degrees.

Setting the AC temperature below 24 degrees Celsius only makes electricity consumption more wasteful.

The way to save AC electricity at home is to set the AC temperature to no less than 24 degrees Celsius.

Use a temperature of 24 degrees Celsius as the maximum temperature setting, or your electricity bill will increase.

4. Clean the air conditioner regularly

ac cleaning

Want a simpler way to save AC electricity at home?

You should be diligent in cleaning the air conditioner regularly.

Why is that so?

A dirty air conditioner will only make the compressor work harder.

Compressors that work harder certainly use more electricity.

Therefore, clean the AC filter once a month and generally once every 3 months.

5. Do not forget to Install Timer A.C

AC was created to provide coolness to its residents who are active in a room.

So that the electricity is more efficient even if you use AC, don’t forget to install it timer AC every day.

Determine when the air conditioning is needed because no one is at home.

This method can help you save AC electricity every day without realizing it.

6. Avoid opening closed air-conditioned rooms

open the door

The way to save air conditioning is to keep the room closed as much as possible.

When the door of the room is opened and closed continuously, the temperature in the room will not be stable because the heat from the outside will enter the room.

This condition will make the air conditioner work continuously to stabilize the temperature in the room.

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If the air conditioner is installed in an open room, the room will automatically be very difficult to reach the desired temperature so that the air conditioner will work optimally.

In an open space, the area that needs to be cooled is very large and is most likely above the capacity of the air conditioner to cool.

7. Do not turn on the AC Immediately when it is just off

how to save AC electricity

The last way is not to turn on the AC immediately when it has just been turned off.

I often press the wrong button off on the AC then transmit with the button on This may cause the AC compressor to malfunction.

Give the compressor oil and freon a few minutes to return to the compressor.

By doing this, your AC compressor will last longer.

8. Routinely Clean the Room

put in order

After the AC filter is cleaned, do not forget to clean the air-conditioned room.

A dusty room can affect the cleanliness of the AC filter, that’s it!

As a result, the AC filter gets dirty faster and affects the performance of the compressor.

Try to diligently clean the dust on the cabinets and walls.

9. Close the Curtains

house curtains

Closing the curtains can help their performance much better and save AC electricity, that’s it.

Incoming sunlight will reduce the performance of the air conditioner to be ineffective and may damage the engine.

So, when you turn on the air conditioner, you should close the windows and curtains as tightly as possible.


I hope the above information is useful for you, yes!

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